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Who's that demon?

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Hmm, Anthraxus rings a bell, Kostchtchie was in 2e's Monster Mythology (and also mentioned in Birthright), Zuggtmoy is from Greyhawk (Temple of Elemental Evil) and has already been mentioned in Plane Below.

More classic monsters: ixitxachitls and incubi. :)


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I don't recognize any of those aside from Pazuzu. I wonder why they avoided the obvious, like Jubilix and the like.
I think, I know all except Oublivae.

Juiblex gets my vote as the cover demon for MM4. A dungeon article would be okay, too, I guess.

Anthraxus was the former head of Daemons/Yugoloths, right?

Kostchtchie & Pazuzu were from AD&D 1e MM2 which also had lists of minor demon lords, maybe Oublivae is one of them? I'll have to check when I have the book at hand...

Zuggtmoy appeared in an adventure, right? Was it Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth?

Maybe form "Obliviax Moss", iirc, 1st ed? maybe one of Zuggtomy's minions?

Also, ixixacihtul's (trying to remember how to say and spell that is a DM's nioghtmare, lol) are servants of Demogorgon, their vampiric versions being his priests, iirc, ergo, quite right for inclusion into MM3 as basic critters, and the nastier demonic versions into Demonomicon?


Unless my memory fails me, Kostchtchie, Pazuzu, and Zuggtmoy got write ups in Dragon a few years ago.

During 3.x in the actual print magazine, and we also had a massive book on demons and the Abyss not too long ago too. But since those were all written for 3.x with some pretty large differences in game assumptions and with a different cosmology in mind (1e/2e/3e Great Wheel), I'd expect any 4e writeup to be massively different compared to any previous takes.

Anthraxus as a CE demon lord in 4e for instance versus the NE Oinoloth previously.


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Who's that demon (who's that demon)
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