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Who's that demon?

Little Known Fact: Vampiric ixitxachitls can be turned with cilantro!


"You must spread some XP around before giving to jaerdaph again."

Anthraxus as a CE demon lord in 4e for instance versus the NE Oinoloth previously.
Not all Demons are Chaotic Evil in 4E; some are just Evil. Isn't that the ideal alignment for Anthraxus anyway?

Speaking as someone whose first exposure to D&D was through library copies of 1st Ed. AD&D's Monster Manual and Monster Manual II, I started out with the impression that Anthraxus was a lot more important than he has turned out to be. I can't wait to see him make a comeback!

Wait... incubi are demons but succubi are devils? What gives?
...I don't like this.
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