D&D 5E Why do people care when threads get necro'd?

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There is a strong bias that necromancy is evil based on its connection to the Negative Energy Plane in previous editions. This is no longer the case in the current edition. (Future-proofed for future necro)
I like seeing necro threads. It is like a small hit of nostalgia. Sometimes, especially in lore related threads, super helpful in understanding an argument to see it unfold in real time.

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This seems to be a big deal for some people... someone here on the boards gets an old thread in their mentions and then read it and respond, not noticing the thread is "old". And invariably there are other who then show up to say "Necro'd thread!"... as if that is actually a problem.

If resuming an old discussion was a problem, then old threads should get locked. No lock = not finished.


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Scheduling a note for 2024 to necro this thread
Dang it, in before I could 👍

Expecting to see a couple of very old necro’d threads pop up now; heck I would have a decade ago… My sense of humor hasn’t gotten any better, I’m just a lot more tired these days 😉


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But you can see the date a post was made on in the top-left corner.
Indeed, once you're in the thread itself a timestamp appears on each individual post.

But I'd rather be able to see the thread's start date without having to enter the thread; a feature of these forums that existed up until recently.

Stigmatizing thread necromancy strikes me as just excluding people who come into things based on a relevant search for something they actually care about in favor of hearing more from the same usual gang who hang around forums just waiting for any old thing to come up, and thus get to conversations when they are active. While I certainly like that gang around here well enough on the whole, I don't want to hear exclusively from them.

However, like many, I do find it funny when someone revives an old thread (particularly a very old one) and they or one of the next several people to comment is seemingly unaware of the dissonance in time, particularly if they directly engage with antique comments as though that person is still likely to be there to converse with them or "correct" people on rules or such that were not in effect when the thread lived its first life. I often post some joke or other about vile, dark magicks reviving the thread, both to amuse myself and to increase the awareness of people posting that they are in necroland lest they inadvertently interact with long dormant posts in ways likely to get them poked fun at. It is not generally meant as a criticism.


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Religion/politics - nazis, KK, democrats, US politics?
the concept of NEC RO ING a thread is pretentious as you could possibly be.
you might as well start voting democrat and wear a kkk hood and a nazi symbol on your arm (usa reference)
if you are gong to say things like NECRO and dont NECRO a thread.
the internet is huge and the reason we keep catalogues of these conversations IS NOT AT ALL for these types of unaware people to quibble over.
the reason we keep catalogues of all these conversations is so that the rest of the world can see it.
otherwise you guys can just exchange phone numbers/email and text each other.
your meager perception of time, or self-relevancy, have NOTHING to do with anyone else.

if someone makes a thread in 2012, that gets added to until 2014, then almost stops,
then someone adds to it in 2015 and then 2017, and that post gets hundreds of thousands of views
and then people start talking on it in 2017 18 and 19, and then someone posts in 2021
....you can still read it in 2025 and its JUST AS RELEVANT AS IT WAS IN 2012. happens ALL THE F-ING TIME

necroing a thread is not a real thing
anyone who says it is a real thing is a complete moron.
anyone who is responding to a 2-15 year old post, thinking that they will hear from the original posters
is also a moron.
doesnt everyone check the dates of everything????????????

the same people complaining about THEMSELVES responding to old threads.........
are probably the same people who drink rotten rancid milk out of their fridge every 4 weeks and never learn to check the date.
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you might as well start voting democrat and wear a kkk hood and a nazi symbol on your arm (usa reference)
THAT's what you chose for your first post here? Needless to say, don't post in this thread again. Also, please review the rules and keep real world politics off this forum.

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