D&D 5E Why the heck does D&D have Hecate as Chaotic Evil

Using MacBeth for Hekate is like using South Park & Family Guy as your inspiration for depictions of Jesus.

I don't object to real world depiction deities, I think the Gods don't worry about that sort of thing, or Homer would have been a lot more in trouble given depictions of divine incest, rape, humour, etc...,

Again I'm not upset, just baffled.
You might not be, but I bet some would be if they included South Park Jesus!

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Frumious Flumph
Kali being Chaotic Evil probably has to do with the Thugs. I believe the writers had read their Fu Manchu, where the Thuggee universally worship Kali. Of course, in real life, it was much more complex.

Thugs considered themselves to be the children of Kali, having been created from her sweat...

According to colonial sources, Thugs believed that they played a positive role in saving human lives. Without the Thugs' sacred service, Kali might destroy all mankind:
  • "It is God who kills, but Bhowanee has [a] name for it."
  • "God is all in all, for good and evil."
  • "God has appointed blood for [Bhowanee's] food, saying 'khoon tum khao': feed thou upon blood. In my opinion it is very bad, but what can she do, being ordered to subsist upon blood!"
  • "Bhowanee is happy and more so in proportion to the blood that is shed."

The lesson is, not to judge a god by the extremists who follow their own interpretation of that god. Nuance is key.

It is almost as if westerners -- read: christians -- think of other people's gods as "mythology" and aren't particularly concerned about religious "accuracy."

EDIT: Never mind. Bad idea.

Seriously, the writers have gotten better about that, I noticed. Even in 3e they stuck to pantheons that aren't really worshipped much.

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