D&D (2024) Will Pact Magic survive?


Based on this board I think Pact Magic is coming back as people here and elsewhere are making it spectacularly clear how horrible this new version is.
Actually, I'm seeing a lot of excitement for the new version of the Class. So wellsee how the survey of a lot more people than are talking here hashes out.

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5ever, or until 2024
In terms of designer intent, the cleric has been made more like the warlock. And warlock is certainly a popular class.

I am guessing pact magic will survive, fortunately.
So, still similar to the 1 cleric. But wrong were it counts. I do wonder what the reaction will be.

I strongly suggest that your talk to your DM and table about the "all or nothing" stance being hurtful. How can they not have empathy about that? You are proving that this is not an insignificant choice.

And I will 100% provide feedback that Adventurers League allow the 2014 class options. They claim it will be backwards compatible, so they can prove it.
The thing is, mixing content from two PHBs is going to add a whole bunch of complexity to the game. The DM may fully agree that the new warlock sucks and sympathize with someone wanting to keep playing the old one, but still insist on sticking to a single PHB in order to keep their already considerable cognitive load managable.

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