Winter Fantasy 40 Coming In February 2016

Winter Fantasy, the convention in Forte Wayne, Indiana, is returning on February 3-7. There's going to be a Dungeons & Dragons presence, as usual, Adventurers League content and the premiere of the Season 4 Epic adventure opening. There's also going to be a new program called The D&D eXPerience. It's similar to the VIP program they used to have, and includes a members-only headquarters for resources and staff access. This will be Winter Fantasy's 40th year! More information as and when it arrives.


Leaves are turning and falling. The skies are gray and the rain will soon change to snow. It’s another fall slowly changing into winter in the Midwest. The big summer shows are a distant memory and it seems forever before the sun will return. So what’s a gamer to do? Laugh at the weather and head to Winter Fantasy 40 that’s what!!

Winter Fantasy is the Midwests premiere winter convention for D&D goodness and more. We celebrate the 40th year of the show in 2016 and hope you can join us. This year we’re expanding back to our roots and brining all kinds of new goodness to the show. Check out the new items below and the website. We cannot wait to see you there!!!!

This years show runs from February 3rd to the 7th in wonderful (if you love snow) Fort Wayne, IN. Lots of details coming over the next week as we lock in our exciting event schedule.

Winter Fantasy is run by Baldman Games. For a while it was renamed D&D Experience, and featured a strong WotC presence with product announcements and seminars. It's also home to a lot of Organised Play events, including D&D Adventurers League and Pathfinder Society. Launched in 1977 by Rob Kuntz, it has moved about a bit - Wisconsin, Chicago, new Jersey, and Washington DC.

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it's Fort Wayne, not Forte Wayne.. Just for the record..

And this is a great hidden convention, that not many know about or attend..but it's always a great time! I've been for the past 5 years...


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I used to love Winter Fantasy (and DDXP). The staff and facilities are top notch for a con of its size. It has-- in my experience-- been a show that focuses heavily on the current edition of D&D and the organized play campaign(s) associated with that edition. I got tons of mileage out of the show during the 4e/LFR era, attending pretty much every year. That said, AL has not really grabbed me this edition, so I will probably take a pass.

If you attend, be sure to get out to the local Irish restaurant for dinner one night. The bangers and mash are quite good (as are the Scotch eggs).


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Regarding PFS, I had a great time with it the one year (that I can think of) that it was offered. I heard that there was a failure of cooperation between the local Venture Officers and the Baldman Games staff (not saying that one group was clearly in the right or wrong, as I have no idea).

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