Winter Fantasy Roll Call


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I'm going to be joining Track D at Winter Fantasy and was interested to see who else I might be playing with. I'm going to be bringing my Bard along for the run.

Anyone else want to post the character they'll be bringing along?

Roll Call
Track A

Kazik Wiz 8 (preferred) / Numeon Clerlock 8 / Sevatar Cleric 7 / Seraph Cleric 8

Track B

Track C
Aarys Frt3Brd5 / Jeddag War2Sor4 / Valjorn Barb 8 / Na'raja Rogue 6

Track D (best track)
Bacchanal Bard 11
Haluk Bard 15 / Brangien Paladin 11 (Set up for tracks D and E)

Track E
Uthgar Redknight - Level 16 Paladorclock
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Track A (reallllly want Track D or E though)


Asimov - Evocation Wizard 10
Arthur - Crazy Cleric 10
Bendaka - Shadow Monk 10

I'm thinking of trying to get on the T3 track for the Epic though. If possible, I'll be bringing along the human freight train that is Uthgar Redknight (Paladin/Warlock/Sorc 16)


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Track A


Kazik - Evocation Thayan Wizard 8 (DDAO 1 and 4 - ideally)
Numeon - Cleric / Warlock tank 8 (DDEX 3-15 ideally)
Sevatar - War Cleric of Bane 8 (DDAO-2 ideally)
Seraph - Life Cleric of Bahamut 8

I can run any of the above but I'd like the wizard in the list as first choices.
I still have 4 more weeks of expeditions to play in the 5-10 tier so some of these levels may go up. :cool:

I'm also in DDEX 3-16 slots 6 and 7 with a Pact Weapon Warlock 12 (melee, polearm master, mobility, staff of withering)

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I have track D and also Track E tickets. I know, I know. Can't be two places at once, things are being sorted out behind the scenes. Tickets are being traded. Looks like the old days of commodity trading pits on the stock market.

Character 1: Bahadir Feridun Haluk Burakgazi (aka "Haluk") who is a level 15 bard, but is specced as an archer (sharpshooter, crossbow expert, valor bard, swift quiver). He's only ever done OotA, so his gear is strange and strongly nonoptimal. He also has a serious problem with drow, with evil female authority figures, and with being in the dark after his experiences in the Underdark. Harper faction.

Character 2: Brangien Bouldertamm, a level 11 LG Dwarf Devotion paladin and she's everything you think she should be. She's been played exclusively through DDEX/DDEP so she's buff. She's trying to tame Faerun so her husband and children can know a peaceful, safe, and orderly world. Or she ran away from the hard responsibility of being a wife and mother to the simpler black-and-white world of being a paladin. Hard to tell. Order of the Gauntlet because sometimes stereotypes are fun.


PS - Ticket trading...



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Posting on behalf of a friend and I who are in Track C. We will switch between two characters based on the group and RP/ story elements

I have - Aarys (Ftr 3/ Bard 5) and Jeddah (War 2/ Sor 4)

He has - Valjorn (Barb 8) and Na'raja (Rogue 6)

Incidentally we are looking for one more Track C ticket for a friend so if someone is looking to part with one for some unforeseen reason we would be happy to make a deal.


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I'll be at Winter Fantasy, though I'm not doing any of the A/B/C/D/E tracks. But I am playing some of the DDAO adventures that were ticketed individually.

Slot 3: DDAO-7 (Chris Lindsay's adventure, TBD)
Slot 9: DDAO-4 "Halruaa Rising" (Robert Adducci's adventure)
Slot 11: DDAO-3 "The Taming of Elisande" (Greg Marks' adventure)

Anyone else out there signed up with me for these?


Lord of the Hidden Layer
Slot 8: DDEX3-10 Quelling the Horde

Monk2 / Rogue 1, able to function as the Designated Scout.

If a ticket for DDEP-4 opens up, I'm interested.

I'm also interested in new events for L1-L5 characters, Slot 7 or Slot 9 or Slot 10. What was already scheduled, sold out.

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