D&D 5E With Fizban's and now Bigby's, what other groups do you think we'll see with their own books?

The Glen

Melf's Minute Manuscript on Medusas
Ironwolf's Inspiring Iconography of Intellect Devourers
Nishkul's Notarized Notebook of Neogi
D'Amberville's Didatic Dissertation Delineating Demons and Devils
Bargle's Big Book of Bulettes

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Follower of the Way
Yeah, I'd expect Szass Tam or Vecna as the author of a book about undeath. I imagine we'll get one about the Feywild at some point, but I dunno what named scholarly NPCs would fit for that. Likewise I expect some kind of Demonomicon and Diabolist Grimoire at some point.

To me it seems like undead and fiends are the broad categories with enough variety, enough thematic coherence, and enough creative space to design new entries to sustain a Fizban's style book.

While expanding out fiends to also include their goody two-shoe cousins the celestials, or to narrow them down into separate devils and demons books makes a lot of sense to people fully initiated into D&D planar lore, I think in terms of being able to also sell to a more casual fan base and to people who just don't really use the official cosmologies, a book of devils and demons is probably more on the money. That said, supporting Planescape may throw a curveball into that calculus.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Lilliana is the type of hero who looks like a villain, but she's clearly on the good guys side at this point.

I think she would be a great named character for the Undead book.
I would love to see her on the undead book, and Nissa on a book that is all about Primal magic, nature spirits, and the Fey. And hopefully finally makes dryads/treants playable in 5e.


I would do the following:

The Lawful (Modrons, Maruts, etc...)
Secret Organizations (Harpers, Red Wizards, Illuminati)

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