D&D General Wizards of the Coast has its biggest Quarter Ever, with D&D down a smidge. From Comicbook.com


I crit!

One small surprise was that Dungeons & Dragons actually had a down quarter compared to 2021. This isn't due to a decrease in tabletop game sales, but rather due to Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance coming out during 2Q2021.


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I crit!
I don't get how these things are structured. Obviously Dark Alliance is a D&D branded thing, but it isn't a part of the tabletop market. Why would you organize things in such a way that an underperforming licensed property makes it look like the TTRPG had a down quarter?
Because of the pre release plan of 5e still has a hold. To make D&D a license like property.

In the past it would have been mush worse news for WotC.

Edit: it wasn’t a license? OK then, see above post or following quotes post


I crit!
Tabletop D&D was up 15%. The only reason D&D as a whole was down was that they didn't release a gaming property.
D&D's worst year in 5e was 15% growth for the core game. And next year there's a video game and movie and licensed novels.
It's still growing
All true. It’s amazing. I might change the title of the thread.

Edit: I’m not sure anymore. There is a reason I didn’t go into finance
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Because it wasn't a licensed product, but an internally developed D&D game
I guess. I mean it started as a licensed property and then WotC bought the dev. So sure.

But it still seems strange to tie the TTRPG quarterlies to not TTRPG releases. Shouldn't WotC have a video game division instead?

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