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This is not an edition war. Don't delete this thread. It is positive advice. And it would be wise to follow the advice of someone who actually plays the game, not someone who is paid to design a game but doesn't play it. Either because they don't have time or they actually are no longer fans of the game.

Paizo publishes very nice adventures. Very high quality art and organization.

Wizards of the Coast should hire them to do all the publishing.

There is one thing that both Paizo and Wizards can do before publishing any book. All the adventure modules and accessories should be play tested once by fans who actually play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition now as a hobby. Just once, and the fans can submit their corrections to the authors.

I have seen some very poor quality products come out in the last decade. When you look at them, you can see all the cancellations, discontinuations and disappointment. But this is justified. Some of these products are not professional. Not organized. Poor artwork. Poor storyline. Not tested by authors first. A very weak and lazy effort.

But what Wizards has done is spent a few years with the fans and have come up with a very workable game system. It is better and more functional than 3.5. It allows for manageable high level play.

I think that Paizo should offer free conversions to 5E of all of its books and modules in partnership with Wizards. This can be a source of 5E adventures.

I have been very happy with the response of Wizards and Paizo over the years to our advice. I think they should continue to follow it.


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You're assuming that Paizo would be open to something like that. Paizo may be busy enough with their own stuff and not want to work with WotC.

I think this would be why it wouldn't happen, more than anything else. People play up Paizo vs. Wizards like they're one of the great rivalries of the age, but realistically I think that's fanboy partisanship, not anything to do with the opinions of the folks working at either company. Even with Pathfinder taking the top spot from 4E, from a financial perspective I'd doubt Paizo significantly impacts WotC's decision making, they're just too small in comparison.

Paizo would be a GREAT 3rd party publisher for 5E. If they decline, it's probably because they've got their hands full with Pathfinder rather than with any supposed emnity between the two.


...First, let me state that I am not commenting on the quality of any edition or upon print vs. digital format. I am also not commenting on the quality of any business decision made by either company.

...I doubt that Paizo would be willing to work for Wizards again. They did a good job turning out quality Dungeon and Dragon magazines during 3rd edition. When 4th edition came out, Wizards took back both magazines and went digital with them.

...Pathfinder was, in large part, the result of Wizards leaving Paizo without much in the terms of marketable products. I just don't think that Paizo would be willing to hitch the future of their company to a Wizards project again.
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