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D&D 5E WizKids Announce Frameworks Custom Sprue-Based Minis

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Urriak Uruk

Debate fuels my Fire
WotC did announce they would dabble in this earlier this year, but I'm glad to see they moved forward. I will likely pick some of these up, though I'm of course curious to see what they're pricing is. If it's more affordable than GW (and it better) then these will be good purchases.

I quite like this beholder.



Solitary Role Playing
That is awesome news! I can see lots of use for these models with the SAGA Age of Magic wargame by Tomahawk Studios.


I love using and painting minis. Gluing them together? Not so much. :confused:
Yeah, and one of the reasons I was not impressed with the most recent BONES I got a couple weeks ago. IME, the more gluing you need to do, the less the parts align nice and smoothly, requiring more effort (and a liberal amount of modeling clay) to get them to look right.

Level Up!

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