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D&D General WizKids Emerald Dragon Miniature

WizKids has revealed November's $99.99 foot-tall emerald dragon miniature, part of the D&D Icons of the Realms series, and tying in with the upcoming Fizban's Treasury of Dragons. This joins December's $89.99 gold dragon previously revealed, as well as the green dragon from July.



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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


So these huge minis become impractical whereas playing 40k such a large mini is less intrusive and a lot more practical because your real estate becomes 3x5 available for the game depending on the point value and there isn’t a party of adventurers to worry about fitting around the table plus screens and multiple books etc.
I brought up the size and cost of the GW model simply as a comparison to the size and price of the Emerald Dragon. I am 100% in agreement with you that these large miniatures are not practical. But I don't believe these miniatures were designed with practicality in mind and their creators probably view their very impracticality as a feature rather than a bug. These miniatures are designed to inspire awe and I have no doubt they do the job. You plunk that bad boy down on the table and the players know something special is happening. The miniature doesn't have to be very practical because you're only using ones or twice during the whole of the campaign. At the bloody climax where our heroes fight to defeat the evil dragon and possibly earlier in the campaign to establish just what kind of a threat they're facing. Nobody who buys this miniature is going to be the least bit concerned about practicality.

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That artwork is terrible. The 2e and 3e artwork actually look like GEM dragons, with their scales looking like encrusted gems. This thing looks like an anorexic Neon Green Dragon. :LOL:
While and not fond of the tender either, I generally don’t like the direction the designs of gem dragons in 5e so far. The are smooth and fluid. I too prefer something crystal like, however, I do wonder see how such a look would fit into the lore.

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