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D&D 5E WizKids Yawning Portal new set


I crit!
This isn’t the one that had a lot of cardboard. In fact I’m not sure any of it isn’t plastic.




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$367.49. I mean sure, if you just adore it or whatever.

I'm not averse to overspending on D&D, but I just don't see how much use you'd get out of it. How many tactical encounters are you going to run in the Yawning Portal itself where you'd use this set in play?

It's just a high price tag for a thing that I feel you'd mostly admire on a shelf. But, you know, if it sparks joy...


I crit!
Yea, that’s spendy.

It is supposed to be modular so it’s also a terrain kit useful to build other inns or bars or etc.

And I think the floor tiles are wooden on one side and stone cavern floor in the other.

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