WOIN Starter Set Playtest Draft

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Well, there's no maths. You just physically remove dice from the pool. One thing I've always noticed is that rolling damage ten deducting SOAK does slow gameplay down, especially for the GM when running a lot of monsters. This, I've found in practice, speeds it up noticeably.

It's not a change to the core rues; just a speeded up expression for this starter set.

I REALLY like this. I would likely use it all the time as a shortcut.


Looking forward to this new starter set, but I'm also curious. Are there any upcoming plans for cleaned-up/refreshed versions 1.3 of the W.O.I.N. Era books -- NOW, NEW, and OLD? It would be terrific to see updated versions of these books that clean-up the little inconsistencies, resolve the occasional contradictions, clarify some fuzzy rule spots, and generally help to fill-in the blanks so to speak.

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