D&D 4E Wonko's 4E Auto Character Sheet + Custom Power Cards


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pretty sure it won't it takes alot to program powers, I've tried experementing with doing this in exel and all I can say is I am in awe of what Wanko has done and how quickly.

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Wonko the Sane

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Martial Power is in the works. Programming the FR stuff is giving me a brainache (I really hate genasi now...).

By the way...it's Wonko...my mother called me Wanko once.

Just once.



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Bump for new version (1.45...see first post)

Great update, although I did notice a few small things, 1) Arcana skill is not being trained with Swordmage. 2)Swordmage armor proficiency listed as "Cloth" should also include leather. 3) Student of sword magic is not allowing me to choose another daily spell (minor since I can choose it anyway, just turns red) Other than that it looks great.

Would it be possible to get the Swordmage powers from Dragon 367 into the sheet, I've grown quite fond of Incendiary Sword.


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Some errors I have spotted: The Chosen's 26th lev Utility Power doesn't work properly (I get a bunch of #N/D errors). Same is with Knight Commander Paragon Path and many other Paragon Paths. Also, you don't get to choose two ability scores to increase when you pick a Chosen (although the latter is not a big deal as you can correct it manually in the ENH cell). BTW, Demigod's feature should also increase each of the two chosen ability scores by two instead of one.

Dragon Breath also seems to be broken...

And even the most basic Wizard powers are #N/D, too... o_O

Otherwise, I do appreciate your great job, I was really looking forward to the FRPG update :)

Even though I must say it's pretty bugged...
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Hey Wonko.

Love your character sheet. Marvelous work, keep it up :)

I have ran across some problems tho (or I just might be doing something wrong :hmm:). For some reason I am unable to choose the implement. When I click on the cell, the validation type drop down form appears, but clicking on the arrow to expand the drop-down form does nothing. Also when I choose the level of the implement, I can only see +1 trough +6, there is no blank selection. So basically when I choose a certain plus, I am not able to choose "nothing" anymore
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