D&D 4E World of Warcraft Warrior


Arcadian Knight
I have 2 favorite Characters In World of Warcraft but this one I find the most playable.
One is a Warrior the following are from the defender/tank build, I wonder how one might build this in 4e LOL.
I love that D&D inspires video games and is in turn inspired by them.
  • A bodyguard stance which causes damage an ally takes to transfer to you.
  • an intervene maneuver like the 4e paladin maneuver that speeds you to them and takes attacks against them
versatile shouts some of which also are mixed with attacks
  • a taunt that brings one enemy from fairly long distance
  • one that tempts all the enemies to attack combine with whirlwind and its nigh come and get it.
  • self heals with an attack
  • raises max health temporarily and heals you that much
  • generate temp hit points representing ignoring pain
  • a debuffing of enemies.
  • Battle shout - a long duration inspiring buff for allies
  • intimidate that causes your target to pause and his allies to run.
  • a dragon roar that hurts in a good radius and crits very nasty
  • berserker rage shrugs off impairments and makes you immune to many for a round :) 6 seconds
  • one that generate a targeted stunning wave (that almost looks like dust in the eyes and could be called that)
  • one that might be weapon in a ground smashing thunderous clap that slows enemies in a radius. (could be like making difficult terrain)
  • a heroic leap that can be used to "fall" a great distance without harm
  • a heroic throw which seems to be an energy clone of your weapon.
  • a storm bolt that is basically a targeted stunning throw with fair damage and weapon returns of course.
  • shattering throw ignores armor and removes magical immunities... cuts through shielding magic too.
  • riposte. (called Revenge strike )
  • Whirlwind strike (like a cleave against all enemies)
  • execution strike nasty damage if enemy health is low (also mine currently can do it if their health is high)
  • hamstring
  • pommel strike (interrupts and disrupts casting maybe its a throat punch)
  • charge (also roots enemy in place
Shield Moves
  • Spell Reflect
  • shield wall
  • shield slamb
  • shield block
Avatar : A battle form akin to invoking ones primeval nature (which is a stone form for world of warcraft)

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