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WotC WotC Adds 'Partnered Content' to DnDBeyond--Starting With Critical Role's Tal’dorei Campaign Setting

New 'Partnered Content' area has appeared!


One of the promises Wizards of the Coast made in the aftermath of the Open Gaming License 'crisis' back in January was that D&D Beyond would eventually have some kind of third party marketplace. Up until now, only official D&D books from WotC have been available there.

Now, however, there is a section of 'partnered content' -- six titles, including three Critical Role sourcebooks, as well as some older licensed items like the Rick & Morty boxed set and the Minecraft monster tie-in. The latter were already on DDB, but the 'Partnered Content' home for them is new, as is the Tal-'dorei Campaign Setting.

As of now you can pick up Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, Call of the Netherdeep, and the Tal'dorei Campaign Setting Reborn.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 5.06.04 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 5.08.54 PM.png

While this 'partnered content' is a long way yet from the third-party marketplace mentioned earlier this year (which is likely a a couple of years away), it is notable that third party content is now appearing on the site.

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I crit!
New heading on the Sources page for Partnered Content: moved Wildemount, Netherdeep, and the Frozen Sick adventure there alongside Tal'dorei Reborn (keeping the Critical Role stuff together), as well as the Rick & Morty Starter Set and Minecraft Monstrous Compendium.
Thanks! I didn’t notice that!


Golden Procrastinator
Interesting. I would have expected a bit of fanfare for this development. I wonder what will be next. Darrington has already a special relationship, since they have produced several books published by WotC. KP maybe isn't too likely, since the are working on a "competing" 5e. Maybe stuff from DM's Guild?

Would love to see Exploring/Chornicles of Eberron make it onto Beyond, and while Forgotten Realms has never really been my thing, I know there are some great supplements on DMsGuild that Ed Greenwood has contributed to.

Presumably can't completely open the proverbial floodgates and want to keep some measure of quality control, but I imagine this opens the door for quite a bit.

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