WotC WotC invites Bob the World Builder and other creators to an in person Summit.

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Micah Sweet

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Depends on what you consider bribes and manipulation. Does, "Here's a tasty lunch, now look at this cool new product," qualify?

Given how badly they bungled the OGL thing, suggesting they are going to be master manipulators is... not terribly plausible.
I never said they were going to be good at it.

Whizbang Dustyboots

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Screw WOTC and their summit! I say we have our own summit! An Ensummit if you will.

I just hope it doesn't end up being some kind of bribe or manipulation.
I get the feeling, or at least hope, that this isn't as much bribe/manipulation in the traditional sense as much as... if these content creators have X million constant followers per stream, that is way more effective than research groups for having a finger on the pulse of what's going on.

As I type this, for some reason I'm reminded of Coke/New Coke/Coke Classic. As an old man, I remember the Cola Wars, when New Coke came out. Pepsi declared they won the Cola Wars, and gave their employees the day off. New Coke was an attempt at a thing for awhile before Coke released Coke Classic. ... of course, the going story still is that Coke wanted to switch to a cheaper sweetener anyway, so they temporarily gave Pepsico the W, let people forget what 'classic' Coke tasted like, and came back with the formula they were going to make anyway. And it would seem the end result became Pepsico had to form YUM Brands, merge Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC into one company so there were less places asking 'Is Pepsi okay?' when someone tries to order a Coke.

TLDR - We can hope for the best from these people, but I get the perception that Wizards realized their major error and genuinely want to correct it and are succeeding at creating a sense of inertia that going forward things will be more transparent and gamer-friendly


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Everyone realizes that this is WoTc's attempt to butter up the influencers, right?....

I guess Kyle's damage control tour wasn't enough.

The influencers make their living talking about brands and hobbies, basically.

But this is also part of making things right. Rebuilding burned bridges.

Propaganda 101.

Considering how the majority of the community flipped the second WotC released 5.1 under CC-BY, it likely won't take much wining and dining to bring many of the "influencers" back into the tent.
“Flipped” is an odd word to use when talking about a community getting what it demanded from wotc annd more… and being okay with that.


They are casting a wide net, and, no disrespect intended, I'm surprised Bob made the cut. But, hey, good for him! He'll have a great time!
Given his subscriber numbers, I was surprised he was on the list for the apology tour. But even he doesn't have a great deal of reach (comparatively) right now, I could see his channel as being the kind that WotC would want to promote. Before the Dark Times, anyway. His tone is always pretty positive, he doesn't court controversy, and he did a deep dive on the Essentials Kit, making videos about each of the quests in Dragon of Icespire Peak, which was essentially free advertising. Also, his channel is very DM-centric, helping people become, and become better, DMs.

The OGL debacle really soured him on D&D, though. So it will be interesting to see if the summit can get him more or less back on board.


I thought that's who we were talking about.
I think @Micah Sweet was talking more generally about influencers and not Bob or anyone in particular.

I know I share that sentiment. I dislike the general idea of influencers and that is a roadblock for me to even begin watching someone. It isn't about the specific person and whether or not they embody traits I dislike, it is just the concept taints the whole endeavor for me. It is more on the observer end than the presenter end. It is a distaste for advertising really.


I think @Micah Sweet was talking more generally about influencers and not Bob or anyone in particular.
he was essentially throwing all channels into an ‘influencer’ box, without having watched any. It was then pointed out that the one person this thread was actually about does not belong in that box.

Pretty sure we all feel similarly about the generic influencers, but once we get to specific youtubers we will disagree on what side they fall on.
Is Matt Mercer an influencer? He can make or break a kickstarter by talking about it (I doubt Bob can)… and gets paid handsomely for doing so

I have yet to see a single writer invited, even ones with audiences larger than Bob's (Bob's non OGL stuff gets <20k views) aren't on the invite list.

It's not really a creator's summit so much as a video event

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