WotC Teos aka Alphastream has been invited to the WotC D&D creators summit.


I crit!
After a quick plug for the Forge of Foes kickstarter he then discusses the Next meeting way back when.

In late 2011 I was one of several folks invited to the WotC offices to discuss organized play. While there we were told surprising news: they were hard at work on the fifth edition of the game!

They did some cool things and it must have been fun. He covers it more and does to set the stage about this next summit.

am one of the folks invited, and I am thankful for that invitation.

Also he mentions a bit about the reaction.

As those invited shared the news, it naturally stirred up strong emotions in those not invited. Why are some chosen and not others? What is the definition of a content creator? How is one person noticed and another one not?

He then speculates on why WotC chose the folks they did. Note I have reason to believe others who don’t fit the streamer mold have been invited as well.

He then talks about the OGL fiasco a bit as well.

I really appreciate Teos blog, especially now.

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Greggy C

the thread title should be Teos was invited in 2011.

Teos and Shawn's Mastering Dungeons is the best podcast out there for sure.

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