WotC D&D Creator Summit from a physical attendees perspective.


I crit!
Teos Abadia was invited to the creator summit in person. I post it in a fresh thread because I dint think that perspective has gotten much attention here. And to highlight his remarks.


Teos has posted part two and it’s largely about the troubles WotC faced and the community demanding to be heard.

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Interesting post. I mentioned this elsewhere, I wonder if there should be a forum just for people like the ones invited to this? As a complete outsider to the process I guarantee I have no idea what all the issues these people face are and a more limited and focused forum might be a good idea.

In any case it sounds like WOTC really is trying to reach out to these people which is good, even if the initial outreach was rocky.


Yeah, so as was speculated, confirmed, and now reinforced.

There was a gap in understanding between what Wizards thought they were going to do/discuss, and what the invited people thought they were going for.

This lead to some fireworks, which would likely be illuminating to see, but may do more harm than good to broadcast.

That there was no real agenda's sent out, seems pretty yikes.


Yeah, it seems clear that WotC is trying, and devoting significant resources to the effort. The issues with the agenda and pre-vetting questions should be taken as lessons learned. I very much agree with the point that it would be better to run the virtual gathering and the physical on on different days. I hope the rocky reaction from some of the virtual attendees does not dissuade Wizards from moving forward with more of these events.

I also think that some of the attendees comported themselves unprofessionally, so hopefully WotC will be a bit more discerning with who they invite next time. There is nothing more frustrating than going to a conference and having an important session hijacked by a few people with their own agenda.

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