WotC D&D Creator Summit from a physical attendees perspective.


I crit!
I was talking abotuthe money directly spent on this. With 30 people with hotel, food and such, with a PR firm, with renting out several places, this event easily cost more than $100K USD.

They can't also spend the same money on hiring online envoys. If they are also doing it, then they could have done more of it - say two more man-years added to whatever else - by not holding these exclusive events for just a few people.

You woo influencers to get word out. But to get word inward, that's not your most efficient spend.
They have other funds to spend on other things. I assure you. I get your point but I also see value in this. As do many others.

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The fact that they think this type of dog and pony show can work shows that they aren't in touch. There are far too many types of gamers out there that they are trying (and succeeding) in wooing that this small of a gathering for one day could ever hope to touch. They could spend this money much more productively if they didn't need s simple C-level success story that can be bullet-pointed and bragged about over golf.

Only if you think this is the only thing they were going to do, which I don't subscribe to. But you need to start somewhere.

As a first step I don't mind this. At the very least they have a basis for how to go forward in a more productive way.
There could have been a real OGL style lack of communication otherwise.
They just need to follow up appropriately.

Imagine if the summit's "agenda" was what they went with to a widespread virtual audience.

I just wonder....
If the staff were ready but the exec's weren't, whether staff were involved (or listened to if involved) about what to expect or where the focus shouldbe. Rose coloured glasses and all but maybe staff will get more influence after this.

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