D&D 5E WotC Sept 2023 player survey is live.

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No Al-Qadim either.

I would be interested to know though - does anyone actually have favourite PC character races? They always ask, but the concept seems weird to me.
Al-Qadik is part of the Forgotten Realms, per WotC.

And, yes, absolutely. I remember Mike Mearls said way-back that people.will dabble with playing different Classes, bit tend to stick with a particular species acroas the board whether Human or Elf or Gnome.


Morkus from Orkus
This one is always interesting...

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... along with the options confirmed for 5.24e are Genasi, Changeling, and Aasimar. Half-Elf and Half-Orc not listed.
I wrote in half-elf. They can't silence me!!!!!

I also let them know that I haven't spent a single $ on 5e products since the Spelljammer debacle, and that I hate the 3 book setting format, and that they aren't putting in enough setting content into their settings. Fun times!

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