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D&D 5E WotC will not allow translation of D&D NEXT.


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Hobby Japan, the Licensed publisher of D&D(3rd and 4th ed) Japanese version, posted this news.

In nuts shell;
Wizards of the Coasts will not grant translation license of D&D NEXT.
Not only Japanese, but all non-English region.
So we can't publish D&D NEXT Japanese version.

I don't understand why.
Maybe not worth bother to work with foreign gamers/publishers.

Read Iosue's post for full translation.
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Well I will take your word for it. Personally, I feel that is not the right move especially since 5e is about "all inclusive", but I'm not in the know. Hopefully it is just temporary.


I heard the same about the German Version. But that they don't allow the translation to ALL non-english Languages is shocking news for me. :(

I really don't understand why they would do this. Ok they had some German-Translation Problems in the past, but this Editions looks quite easy (compared to the last two), so this would make a good Edition for New Players .. but most new players in Austria and Germany would reject a English Book. Learning a completely new Game is hard enough, doing it in another Language is more than most are willing to do.

At least most long time players are used to it and actually prefer the English Versions.


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I buy and use the English version. But, if this is true, it's like WotC screaming "we don't want your money, you dirty fureigners".
That's a big "if". Now, if they do the translation themselves, that's something else.


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This is the only thing that could turn me off 5e : I am looking forward to teach the game I love to my kids, and that means getting a french version of the game. I can't picture 8-year old playing a foreign version. Hopefully, that means they won't do it before announcing their licensing plans, early 2015.
If confirmed, that would be a very unfortunate decision. :.-(


While not having myself any problem with reading the rules in english, I can see this choice could potentially harm widespread adoption of 5E, and so WotC as well for sure. I don't have any hopes for an italian version though, but I didn't even before this piece of news came out ;-)


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I heard from a friend with very good insider contacts with the Italian gaming industry the exact same thing. I was somewhat skeptical, but seeing that they are saying the same thing in Japan and Germany, I'm thinking that it might be true.


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Could they be taking the translations in-house? As in, hiring their own third party translation company?


I don't have any hopes for an italian version though, but I didn't even before this piece of news came out ;-)

I'm surprised why wouldn't you expect an Italian version? The Italian D&D community seems quite large/active based on the no. of posters online in many prg sites, plus they make up quite a large portion of the people involved keeping the Mystara setting alive.


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To be precise, that news says "WtoC decided to sell D&D NEXT in English only and not to grant license to publish translation."

So, if it's true(I have no reason to doubt), no in-house translation or "wait till our license plan solidified in 2015".

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