TSR Xp and "Treasure"


Playing "Keep on the Borderlands" with the tax deductions. They made it to the Caves of Chaos, fought a few goblins, and skeedaddled. They found only a pittance of treasure in the goblin lairs, but they did loot some weapons (60 spears) and armor (six sets of leather armor), which they sold for half-price back at The Keep.

Does this count as "treasure gained" for the purpose of awarding XP?
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What I find interesting is that neither the Moldvay Basic nor the Menzter Basic rules have anything on selling equipment or jewelry or anything.

The KotB module is the only place one can find info about selling stuff.


Rob Of The North
B1 and B2 did have some supplemental rules that didn't quite fit into the Holmes edition page count. I'd say give them the XP. If they get up a few levels, then they'll not be interested in such pittance.

Not so much in B2, but B1 has tons of furniture-as-treasure. Just watch your players trying to figure out how to get a 1000 lbs statue out of the dungeon. Or lugging out a massive headboard.


The players didnt think of grabbing the weapons and armor, however; I retconned that one of their NPC companions suggested it, because otherwise they would have wound up with about ten or twelve silver coins.

I am about to start killing off the NPCs, though. The goblins send an assassin into the Keep to get revenge.


Yes, anything you sell and convert into gp earns XP just as if it was treasure.

Things that you keep for your own use do not. I think AD&D has bonus XP awards for finding and keeping magic items, but I don't recall if Basic does (and I'm inclined to think no).

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