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I've noticed that YB info can take up a lot of space in a person's .sig, and saw a few complaints in different threads. That prompted an idea: what about creating a format for YB stat blocks? Something similar to creature blocks in D&D.

Unfortunatly, I'm not too familiar with all the powers and such available to YB yet, so does anyone have ideas? I'll come back to this thread and add an example idea once i figure this stuff out. :)

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Back on the old boards, we used HTML battleframes to do this. Sadly, HTML is disabled on these new boards. I've been trying to get it re-enabled, but no luck as of now :(.

That's a very good idea!

One way of compressing the signatures is by making them link to the posts where the information is.

Thusly, you could have a link called Dojos (or Gangs) where your Dojo allegiances and their styles were mentioned.

The way to link directly to a specific post is this:


The post id is most easily found by dragging the cursor over the "edit" or "quote" buttons and looking in the status bar for the id number.
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Actually, that would work, but I was thinking more along these lines:

J'onn J'onnz, Yb D1; Style: Wolf; Item: Sword of Striking (1 Sneaky trick); 3 Yen.

For explanation:
Yb == Yellow Belt
D1 == Dishonored 1 (I don't know if this is still in effect, even)

Basically, it's a much more compact way of conveying your information in your .sig to save space and make it easier to keep up with.


First of all, having the signature expand horizontally is not a big problem. Granted, I am at 1280x960, but even someone at 800x600 can see a good sized line.

This means that you can just stuff a lot of things on one line and you won't necessarily have to use abbreviations.

Look at my sig; the YB stats occupy only two lines, and they tell everything. I would fit it in one line, were it not for those pitiful 800x600 viewers. Those two lines still have plenty of room for more information. And no abbreviations.

However, with the new rules, a fighter will on average have many more abilities. For this reason, I think we should estabilish official abbreviations for ability names, so that even if one has a bunch of poison blades, dirty and sneaky trick, assorted signatures, whatever, it can still all fit into one line. Signatures would still need to be written fully, of course. But worst case is ten signatures, and if all the rest is shortened to two letters, they still fit in one line.


Oh, and you can directly link to your post in the YB registration thread. Each post has an anchor. View the HTML source of the thread and look for your post, then look for a tag like <a name="yourpostnumber">. Then you can link to that post by linking to the correct thread page's URL and adding "#yourpostnumber" at the end of the URL. A user clicking on the link will be taken to your post.

Try clicking on "Kerall" in my sig. What more could you want?
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Actually... I think the means I'm going to take for myself is a quick summary in QUOTE and then a link to my webspace big frame at least until html reactivated.


Even with the extra powers, it can all be written on a few lines

Sidhe Li: Green Belt
Master of the Clawed Wolf & the Fanged Fox
Fist of Fury, Chi Strike

Ring of the Wolf: wolf sig; (5 yen)

The problem arises when people detail all their dead characters, nicK nacks, allegiances, enemies, etc.

Also, it seems like having it in your sig is good, but not really necessary - you can save the information on a note pad, already formatted and just cut and paste it when necessary. In fact, with the way the new boards are set up, when judging its nice to scroll back through the post, but when replying you cant see the sigs this way - but you can see any information in the actual text. Thus my preference at the moment is for information that is not in the sig line.
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Good point, Wicht. It's probably best if such info is just posted at the beginning of a fight. I do think it would help to have a standard format (like yours) with some specific abbreviations for major powers. Abbreviations may not be necessary in this 'once per fight' format, but it would help for those who like the convenience of keeping it in their sig.

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