D&D General Yoga & trivia profs?

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How would you fine people create yoga and trivia a nwps for dnd?

I can't take credit for these, but unfortunately, I do not know to whom credit should go.


Wis -1

A PC with this non-weapon proficiency has picked up bits of knowledge of various topics from friends, family or personal experience. If the DM questions whether the PC would actually know of a certain topic that the actual player is aware of, the DM can call for a proficiency check. Success indicates that the PC may act upon the player's knowledge.

A player may run his character as though the latter possessed the former's knowledge of the topic in question. If the roll is made but the player doesn't know anything about the topic, the DM is free to inform the player of what the player's character knows about the subject. If the roll fails however, the only trivia the character knows is limited to what the player already knows.


Wis -3

Yoga is used to improve circulation, sooth the nerves, and stimulate the digestive organs. Yoga is also useful in increasing the tone of muscles. Thus, the character gains some knowledge of anatomy. A proficiency check isn't necessary unless it is critical.

In combat, this proficiency allows the character the ability to strike pressure points on an opponent. A successful called shot and porficiency check indicates that the victim suffers a -2 on his/her "to hit" rolls for 1d4 rounds (due to pain and sudden muscle cramps).

Characters with this proficiency are also able to cause their minds to reduce pain induced upon their bodies. For instance, a character using this proficiency would be able to walk across a path of hot coals, lie upon a bed of nails, or have stone blocks broken across his chest. Preparation to use this aspect of the proficiency is 1 turn. After this, the character may undertake actions which would normally cause great pain or damage for up to two rounds per point of Wisdom. During this time, any pain caused by situations similar to the above-mentioned ones is negated, and any damage is reduced to 2 points per die, or 20% of the total damage, whichever is less. This does not count against melee damage or damage caused by spells or the like. However, the character could stick his hand into a roaring campfire and retrieve a necklace with only very minor burns. When time has expired, the character will feel a slight numbing in any areas which were injured. This disappears within minutes, however.

A character with this proficiency may also contort his body and limbs into extraordinary positions. This allows the ability to escape shackles, ropes and even straight-jackets by body contortions and limb manipulation. Very tight ropes impose a -1 penalty, locked metal cuffs impose a -3 penalty and straight-jackets impose a -5 penalty. For multiple bonds, these values are cumulative.

Note that having the rope use proficiency, and making a successful check, increases the chance of escaping the rope bonds by +2.
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Oh this is where the title goes?
For instance, a character using this proficiency would be able to walk across a path of hot coals, lie upon a bed of nails, or have stone blocks broken across his chest.
Erg. You know, none of those things is actually painful if done correctly.


Oh this is where the title goes?
Yes, and yoga teaches you how to do them correctly.

Perhaps, but that doesn’t really seem to be the point of the listed ability? It is supposed to help you resist pain, not perform tricks that make it look like you are resisting pain. Anyway it annoys me when something with real benefits like yoga is presented as if it were some kind of scam. But obviously that isn’t actually relevant here, either way.


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*shrug* The way I've seen these "tricks" work seems to fit pretty well with yoga - it's more like meditation and technique than a magical pain-resisting thing. I don't know why you call it a scam. It's a way to avoid pain, and it's only a scam if it's used to cheat people.


Trivia is definitely intelligence

Yeah, I would use INT as the relevant ability for Trivia. I just copy/pasted those two proficiencies as I they were... Personally, I don't think I would use Trivia as a proficiency, but I can see it being used by a player that wanted a certain type of character.

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