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You Can Now Preorder The Acquisitions Inc Book On Amazon

With a release date of June 18th, you can now preorder the D&D Acquisitions Incorporated hardcover on Amazon.

With a release date of June 18th, you can now preorder the D&D Acquisitions Incorporated hardcover on Amazon.


Explore a wealth of peril and personalities in this campaign book for the world’s greatest roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons.

Acquisitions Incorporated is a different flavor of Dungeons & Dragons. A fifth edition D&D book created in partnership with Penny Arcade Inc. and inspired by the podcast and web series, this book is full of madcap heists, hilarious moments, and all the ingredients you need to include the adventurers of Acquisitions Incorporated in your own fifth edition D&D campaign.

• Inside you'll find everything you need to live out your fantasy of climbing the corporate ladder of the most notorious retrieval agency in the Forgotten Realms—Acquisitions Incorporated.
• The 256-page book will give Dungeon Masters and players plenty of bits to play a D&D fifth edition game just as if you were on stage with the crew at PAX! New backgrounds, character options, franchise information and more.
• You'll also find an adventure that will take characters from levels 1 through 6, establishing your party's claim on a world they've just begun to explore—and to strip-mine for profit.

Dungeons & Dragons is the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Created in 1974, D&D transformed gaming culture by blending traditional fantasy with miniatures and wargaming.

You can also find it at Amazon UK, and others!

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A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
Can't help myself. Had to get it. I plan to run the included adventure as a mini campaign and generally enjoy it as something to read. I doubt I'll be incorporating AI into my home campaign.

Well, it does make other books look like better purchases :) Yeah, a bit too much silly... and I have enough reading material as it is.


I'll probably skip this one - it's far too gonzo for my own tastes to use at the table.

Then again, I do quite like PA and AI, so could eventually pick it up at some point just to read rather than use.


What's the opposite of a hard pass? A soft receive? I soft received on this. The C-Team started around the time I moved across the country and effectively stood in for the social ties I left behind. There's no accounting for taste, of course; I do not expect everyone to like it. But I do.

One area of acute interest are the Acquisitions Incorporated team roles. For those unfamiliar, these are a collection of classes that run parallel to -and independent of- your character's main class. They provide equipment and abilities like any other class does. Until now they have been homebrew, but being published as official DnD material raises some questions for which I'm quite curious to read answers. For instance, does this represent the usual power creep as the edition ages, or is there some heretofore unknown negative aspect acting as a balancing factor? Regardless, I look forward to seeing what level of faction-based benefits will be officially sanctioned here.


I honestly do not see this as being any more silly than any of the faction in Dragon Heist. If anything, it fits the flavor of FR Waterdeep perfectly.

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