You Can Play Pacific Rim, King Kong, Highlander, The Crow, Total Recall, Escape from NY, Universal Soldier, Rambo

Earlier this year, Evil Genius Games announced its 'reboot' of d20 Modern, a 5E-powered modern ruleset called Everyday Heroes. They’ve now revealed that the game comes with a whole 'season' ($130) of adventures, each licensed from a movie franchise. The adventures will be available through Kickstarter on May 17th.

The adventure settings include Pacific Rim, Kong: Skull Island, Highlander, Escape From New York, The Crow, Total Recall, Rambo, and Universal Soldier.

Designer Jeff Grubb posted on Facebook—“It’s been 20 years since the original d20 Modern has come out and game design has evolved.“It’s not so much duplication as it is inspiration; basically taking the same things that we faced [while making] d20 Modern and saying, ‘OK, how do we handle it with this modern situation? How do we handle today’s world? How do we handle it with today’s mechanics?’ It’s a great opportunity to do for traditional D&D role-playing what d20 Modern did for the D&D of its age.”

With another company, Renegade Game Studios, producing Hasbro properties like Transformers, GI Joe, and more, 80s action properties are making quite the TTRPG comeback!

Our first tabletop role-playing game is Everyday Heroes™ - a roleplaying universe set in the modern era. Inspired by D20 Modern, Everyday Heroes™ provides a complete rulebook on running campaigns in the current day or the near future. The book covers everything you will need to run a modern-day campaign. This includes modern new character classes that fit within the modern-day theme. It also includes professions (e.g., Fireman, CIA operative, Chef) and backgrounds (e.g., rich kid, military brat, gang member) to help flesh out your character. firearms and equipment, modern adversaries, and revised rules on car and foot chases.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 5.21.20 PM.png

Evil Genius has licensed a whole bunch of action movie properties, each forming an adventure for use with Everyday Heroes.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 5.19.16 PM.png

Each adventure has a new class included:
  • Pacific Rim -- Twins
  • Kong: Skull Island -- Monster Hunter
  • Highlander -- Immortals
  • The Crow -- The Possessed
  • Escape from NY -- Street Warrior
  • Total Recall -- Mutants
  • Universal Soldier -- Cyborg
  • Rambo -- Guerilla

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 5.20.48 PM.png
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Dr. Bull

For me, this is disappointment. I was hoping for a non-D&D derived game for Highlander.
I can think of 6 game systems that can handle Highlander. Savage Worlds (PEG Inc.), Simply6 (EnWorld), Amazing Adventures (Troll Lords), Mutants and Masterminds (Green Ronin), d20 Modern (WOTC), and ICONS (Ad Infinitum). Each system just needs a change of the flavor text.

Surprised. Really I didn't think it was impossible, but it has been sooner I could imagine. Of course the licenced titles is a good strategy. Cinematic franchises that are too old to make money in the cinemas, and the RPG publisher can use them as hook for players and collectors. It is good for both sides.

I wonder if Hasbro/WotC thought about this marketing strategy.

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