You Have The Power! New Masters of the Universe RPG!

Legends of Grayskull is an upcoming tabletop RPG based on the 1980s Masters of the Universe cartoon show.


The game is being produced by Fandom (the owners of D&D Beyond) who announced a Dragon Prince RPG just a week ago. Like the latter, it will use the Cortex Prime system, which the company acquired from Margaret Weis Productions last year, and it's coming out in 2021, with public playtesting in advance of release. It's a 250-page hardcover book with pull-out maps.

"In the Legends of Grayskull tabletop roleplaying game, players can customize or create characters to overcome high-stakes challenges and find epic fun in Eternia, a world where magic meets technology. The experience brings together the core roleplaying game, a digital companion and toolset, a community content creation and sharing platform, and an organized play program that gives fans the opportunity to participate in a connected, living story with other players around the world."


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To perform an action you build a pool - in MHRP that's one affiliation (solo, buddy or team), one Distinction, one power from each power set (if applicable), one specialty (if applicable - in D&D terms this is roughly the same as skills), any assets or resources that are applicable (roughly, these are gear or other situational benefits that have been built up through prior actions), any debuffs on the opponent (eg injuries or complications), and any bonus dice gained by spending plot points (eg to include a second specialty or second Distinction).

I think the other versions of the system use smaller pools than I'm used to from this MHRP version, but of participants in this thread @Aldarc is probably better placed to address that.

In the Leverage Cortex+ game, the character has just Attribute and Role, as opposed to the Affiliation, Distinction, and possibly multiple Powers, seen in MHRP.

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Has Cortex Prime been released?
Recent update from late July. Looks like it's moving along.

And @Cam Banks can probably add color and flavor to this discussion overall.


Your effect depends on die size, not die roll - so having 10s and 12s in the pool is a big deal even if they roll poorly, as they give good effect dice. All effects are rated in dice, which are then applied as debuffs (stress, complications) or to step down other ratings (eg a d8 or greater effect will eliminate the typical Scene Distinction) or to create assets (which could be gear or a situational advantage or any other change in the fiction that benefits a character). I think this idea of rating everything in dice is mechanically different from Fate.

This was the source of a good deal of frustration in the game I played in. Since Marvel characters can easily have a d12 conflicts ended quickly and were fairly boring. I'm not saying we were playing everything the right way but it did leave a sour taste in my mouth.

I will admit, however, I will still buy Legend of Grayskull.


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Recent update from late July. Looks like it's moving along.

And @Cam Banks can probably add color and flavor to this discussion overall.

Yeah unfortunately that spotlight just confused me more - too much focus on fiddling dice AND I still not sure what effect dice do,

So if I have a d6 Effect does it mean I can create a weapon that is worth +d6
I probabaly need to see the dice rolls in action...

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