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Pathfinder 1E You just got hit with Phantasmal Killer. What crazy hallucination do you see?


It's the Scarecrow gas from Batman. It's the boggart from Harry Potter. It's Phantasmal Killer! And in between rolling Will disbelief and Fortitude partial, you've got to come up with your PC's deepest darkest fear.

So in the interest of saving yourself from freezing up at the critical moment, what do you say we toss around our PCs' biggest phobias? And in the interest of variety, let's assume that the old hero-protagonist favorites of "seeing my friends die" and "failing in my quest" are off the table.

(Comic for illustrative purposes.)

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Lord of the Hidden Layer
That creepy doll ("Chucky") wearing Jason's mask ("Friday the 13th") with Freddie's ("Nightmare on Elm Street") blade/fingers, walking across the room saying something like "-Yourname-, come out and pla-a-a-y-y" ("The Warriors").

Falling out of a tree towards rocks or thorny brambles

A swarm of spiders (no Llolth) or ants or bees

Former romantic flame, winding up to reject -hero- for not being good enough - in whatever sense

Somebody who knows not what they are doing, nor the significance of this item, is about to open the Ark of the Covenant ("Raiders of the Lost Ark")

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