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Yugoloth Lore

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Fan Sources:

Baernaloths of The Demented

Tellura Ibn Shartalan, The Dire Shepherd [Rip also wrote a response to this story of mine, involving Grazzt]

Severeth Na'Halastrian, The Wanderer

Tarsikus Ibn Meth'kultesh, The Book Binder

Jezifreth Na'Harsindrian, The Inquisitor

Daru Ib Shamiq, The Lie Weaver

Methikus Sar Telmuril, The Flesh Sculptor

Koristal Il Palithiin, The Proselytizer

Harishek Apt Thul'kesh, The Blind Clockmaker

Sarkithel fek Parthis, The Chronicler - shows up in Storyhour 1, story and background in progress.

The Ineffable

Lazarius Ibn Shartalan, The Architect - shows up in Storyhour 1, and in various other Baern cycle stories.

The Shackler

The Dream Reaver

Source: Todd Stewart (Shemmy)

Non 'Demented' Baernaloths
Armala the Reprobate
Asudj Ap Shaelloth
Yrsinius the Younger

Source: Todd Stewart (Shemmy)

Assorted 'loths:

Planewalker writeup of Shemeshka the Marauder, stats and in-character description

Name: Shylara Akt’Atarm
Alias: Shylara the Manged
Desc: The jackal headed female was dressed almost plainly in robes of black and silver, and save for a few jewelled piercings in either of her ears, was adorned plainly and without flair. Peeling away the layers of illusion she had habitually cloaked herself in, and even many of the shapechanging spells that were her birthright as an Arcanaloth, she was a wasted wretch of a thing, her fur ravaged by mange, and nearly bald in places from where the flesh had festered and bled or where she had torn it off, scratching in vain to cull the itch and irritation.
Operates: She is but one of a handful of advisors to Bubonix, Overlord of Carceri and master of the Tower of Incarnate Pain. Additionally, Shylara Akt'Atarm is a bit more than she seems, and while she's in the game entirely for herself, she has a number of allies within Carceri, as well as allies in Gehenna and within Khin-Oin itself, possibly as high as an advisor to Mydianclarus, if not the Oinoloth himself. She's certainly not telling, but it may be that the position held by Bubonix, as well as his ties to the Night Hags makes him something of an anathema in the eyes of the new Oinoloth and his own advisors. And if so, Akt'Atarm is jumping atop the opportunity to stage a revolt against her master. Its a dangerous game she plays, and the outcome is far from certain for all involved.
Source: Todd Stewart

Name: Malpheaz
Species: Ultroloth
Alias: Lord of the Seven Darks
Desc: An imposing presence, radiating darkness and chill.
Operates: an ultroloth who styles himself Master of Mungoth. He collects secrets about Baator's Dark Eight. He is an ultraloth with a fortress on a crystal river, a fortress carved from a single piece of ice five hundred feet tall.
Source: Rip Van Wormer

Name: Yrsinius the Elder
Species: Baernaloth
Alias: Black Death
Desc: unknown
Operates: One of the creators of Yrsinius the Younger, an experiment in baernaloth procreation.
Source: Todd Stewart

Name: Lakerus
Species: Yagnoloth
Alias: The Severer
Desc: Lakerus has fallen on hard times of late; his arm has been replaced by a mechanical thing created from greensteel and a living limb cut from a retriever. Half of his head has been replaced by an enormous obsidian eye from the City of Glass and Vine.
Operates: The yagnoloth Lakerus, a sadistic bastard known for cutting pieces off his enemies, controls the most powerful faction in the city Severence in Carceri.
Source: Rip Van Wormer

Name: Targa
Species: Nycaloth
Alias: The Many
Desc: Lean and muscled, Targa has a long, doglike muzzle and vast batlike wings. Her body is covered in green scales; a long reptillian tail trails behind her. Her posture is that of a crouched gargoyle or bird of prey. She has only two arms and two legs.
Operates: Targa is the spymaster in charge of Severence in Carceri, intended to be the power behind Lakerus' throne. Though created a nycoloth, she managed to convince the populace that she was (variously) an arcane, a tiefling, an imp, a shator, a babau, a human revolutionary , and a slaad. Rooting out trouble and manipulating the various leaders and upstarts was child's play for this sly cutter, and promotion seemed assured. This was before human slaves used an artifact called the Five-Armed Prism to shatter everyone in the city into independent beings created from the many ways they were perceived by others. Targa was the hardest hit.
Source: Rip Van Wormer

Name: Vorkannis
Species: Arcanaloth
Alias: The Ebon
Desc: A jet black arcanaloth, Vorkannis the Ebon looked with the reddish pink eyes of an albino oddly contrasting with his shadowy coat. He sneered and bared gleaming fangs, pausing for effect. His eyes flashed more red than the dim corpse light of Carceri and The Ebon snarled and barked out a series of words that grated the air and caused the walls to ache and distort: the language of the baernaloths.
Operates: The Ebon had climbed the ladder of power quickly and without question. It didn’t entirely make sense. For starters he’d simply walked out of the Waste without a past, at least as far as anyone could tell. “I have a question for you both, answer me and you will have what you ask and we will set this third wheel into motion, a wheel among wheels of conspiracy, the wheel within wheels.”
Source: Todd Stewart

Name: Gehasst
Species: Arcanaloth
Alias: The Dire Youth
Desc: Appears to be a young Arcanaloth, but is actually just as old as most other of his brethren. Gehasst may use his shape shifting to transform into any species but due to a curse laid on him as punishment he is unable to shift into any adult forms of creatures. The nature of his crime is a dark held from most all others, even his fellow loths, but there are many rumors, most of which revolve around the fact that he is one of the few trueborn Arcanaloths to be even moderately successful. His forced child-like state not only applies to his appearance but his personality as well. At times of high stress he seems unable to cope as an adult and often seeks out a parental figure for support.
Operates: Gehasst may be found anywhere in the outer planes, but spends most of his time on the Waste. He roams about on missions given to him by his master, an ultraloth rumored to be his mother and the source of his curse. Still his forced guise as a child often allows him to gain the trust of others as well as allow him to take advantage of the underestimations of him from his enemies both for being a true-born and for being a perpetual child.
Source: Gerald Sears

Name: Veriz'artorin
Species: Ultroloth
Alias: The Silent One
Desc: Veriz'artorin appears as a standard ultroloth, except that his eyes tend toward cooler colors- opal eyes, rather than fire opals.
Operates: An Ultroloth who ran a particularly twisted laboratory in the depths of Krangath. Called "The Silent One" for his unwillingness to 'speak' (via telepathy) to anyone besides his two arcanoloth lackies. The majority of the experiments he and his allies performed were on the nature of induced corruption and methods of imprisonment. Veriz'artorin was presumed destroyed when a band of mortal adventurers released his most successful experiment: a Planetar who had essentially ascended to Solar as a result of experiments they had performed, and then been driven to apparent madness and fallen. Some chant places him as still alive, imprisoned in a massive black crystal in his former fortress, tortured regularly by the very monster he created.
Status: Dead or imprisoned in the ruins of his fortress on Krangath.
Source: Ohtar Turinson

Plus God only knows how many of the little b@stards I've named over the span of my 1st storyhour. There are a lot. I'll add here as I recall them, and any relevant information.
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Shemeska said:
He was in the Last Mythal trilogy of FR novels ;)
Ah, did not read those. Touche. :lol:


It's pastiche. Or homage. Depending on your point of view I suppose.

Great Wheel / Bizarro World

Anthraxus / Inthacis
Khalas / Calaas
Bubonix / Bubonis
(Bolding by me.)
Ain't that the truth. Or, in proper Bizarro-speak, "That am lie." I noticed the other two, but the first "i" in Inthracis threw me off from matching it up with Anthraxus.

God, I hate that damn tree. :mad:


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Shemeska said:
Question for you Shade, since this is your thread:

I assume you want to keep this only with 'loths that have appeared in published material, rather than fan sources? Otherwise I've got a ton of links to drop... ;)

It appears you found a good solution. ;)


First Post

Inajira - Arcanaloth - Forged a contract with Strahd Von Zarovich giving the soon-to-be vampire victory over the Tergs in Material Plane Barovia. Later trapped in Ravenloft when he persued the vampire during the Grand Conjunction in Roots of Evil. Also called the Pariah Fiend, and He-Who-Deceives. Stats in Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium 3 (2nd edition) and Ravenloft Gazetteer Volume 1 (3E).


From Dungeon: #55 and its adventure 'Umbra' :

Inimigle the Yagnoloth - bound by the members of the long dead 'Zactar' faction to guard a portal in the cathdral that served as their faction hall in Sigil.

Kraal the Mezzoloth - tasked by Inimigle to guard the rest of the cathdral during the hours of the day that the portal was inoperable, during which time Inimigle was free to wander Sigil.


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From someone who has the MMIV:

The Corruptor of Fate is a CR 5 yugoloth that specializes in stealth and assassination. It has two block stats, one normal and one with 5 levels of Assassin. The voor is a yugoloth bred to be guardians of yugoloth strongholds and fortresses, it's CR 4 and the Dreadful Lasher is simply an upgraded Voor, that one is CR 9 but it does have unique abilities like higher SR and DR.

I'm bummed that the yugoloths, like the MM III demons before them, lost their traditional naming convention for the descriptive name format of later 3E. Also, I'll have to try hard to not confuse "voor" with the Fiend Folio's "vorr" and the "voor larva" from 2E. :\


Shade said:
I'm bummed that the yugoloths, like the MM III demons before them, lost their traditional naming convention for the descriptive name format of later 3E. Also, I'll have to try hard to not confuse "voor" with the Fiend Folio's "vorr" and the "voor larva" from 2E. :\

It's unfortunate if they randomly dropped three editions worth of naming convention for the 'loths in the MMIV. Depending on what the 'Corrupter of Fate' looks like, perhaps calling it a Lesser Gacholoth or Larval Gacholoth might work, and then the Vooroloth sounds appropriate for the other.

At the least, I'll adopt a proper name for them on my own if none is provided by the MMIV either by oversight or some other reason.


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well, of course. :D

i was reading Dungeon #64, the adventure in which the demon lord Jzzalshrak appears, and i think she had a number of yugoloth mercenaries serving her. i'll have to look that up later.


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Shemeska said:
It's unfortunate if they randomly dropped three editions worth of naming convention for the 'loths in the MMIV. Depending on what the 'Corrupter of Fate' looks like, perhaps calling it a Lesser Gacholoth or Larval Gacholoth might work, and then the Vooroloth sounds appropriate for the other.

At the least, I'll adopt a proper name for them on my own if none is provided by the MMIV either by oversight or some other reason.

Well, they're just following the lead of the MM III demons. I'm not sure why they couldn't add one word to these entries to please everyone. :\

Your suggested names sound good, and I'll probably glom 'em as well for my campaign if I use 'em.


First Post
Xell Dog-Ears
Captain of the Brigade of Darkness (reports directly to the General of Gehenna)
Hellbound: The Dark of the War, page 28

Ferelm Cuer
Discontented Blood War scout
Hellbound: The Dark of the War, page 29

Part of a living wall
Hellbound: War Games, 38

Stammering Azarin
Blood War recruiter
Hellbound: The Chant of the War, 26


Por Ell
'Loaned' a pair of Mezzoloths to the Erinyes Kasmine to guard her lair in Gehenna during the duration of her self-imposed exile from Baator
Dungeon #95, 'The Jackal's Redemption'


Here's some more fan material, and some 'loths along with it.

This particular bit was 'published' in Knowledge Arcana #5 over on Wizards, and it's my assumption that it isn't accorded any status above fanfiction, though I suppose I could be wrong. I'm not entirely sure how that's handled and what the status is.

The Dreamer
The member of The Demented who occupied Larsdana Ap Neut, using her as a sort of metaphysical host, infecting her mind, and in that capacity functioning as a sort of sentient virus who gave wisdom, wanted or unwanted, to its carrier.
Knowledge Arcana #5: 'The Dreamer and the Fiend' by Todd Stewart

Additional background and details on Larsdana Ap Neut and Helekanalaith appear in the story as well.

Halloween Horror For 5E