D&D 5E Zards Drow Thoughts?


The Drow have been kinda over dine and essentially ruined. Overexposed and Menzo has turned into a cartoon. I prefer the Vault if the Drow type elves.

Growing up however there were other dark elves. Ignoring Melinboneans the world of Titan (Fighting Fantasy) dark elves were kinda similar to D&D ones except they were a monarchy,very rare and followed the dark power vs lolth.

Mystara had the Shadow Eleves sort of Aztec influenced.

Anyway my thoughts on fixing the Drow (for my games ymmv).

1. They're shadow elf type albinos. In the underdark they kinda dress like Ninja's. Not literally but dark grey clothing. None of this FR cursed to dark skin malarkey.

2. They worship demons/devil's or a variety of dark gods.

3. Their culture is more dark far inspired.

4. They're rare and there's not enough if them to engage in Lolth style butchery.

5. Renegade Drow are still mostly evil. In their culture it's more exile vs death if you do a faux par. To reenter society you have to spread evil on the surface. Eg training humans to kill elves etc.

6. Exile is worse fate than death. They're basically decadent French nobles pre revolution dark fey.

7. Another way to re- enter society is kill any good aligned Drow fleeing. The dark powers that be essentially demand it.

8. Exile is usually used over death. Public humiliation at social events or being on the wrong side of dark elf politics.

9. No built in matriarchal lolth types.

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