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ZEITGEIST Gets A Facelift

A brand new website, and a snazzy new look -- the ZEITGEIST setting has had a facelift!


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Russ, the first sentence for the synopsis of Death of the Author should be 'at a remote manor,' not 'on a remote manor.' I feel embarrassed I missed that, considering how many editing passes I took.

Nnesk, Death of the Author is the intro adventure for the upcoming Adventures in ZEITGEIST setting book, which advances the timeline to twenty years after the Gears of Revolution adventure path.

I think the plan is that now that the 5e conversion of the adventure path is done, we're going to start soon on layout for the adventure. The vibe I shot for was that of an Agatha Christie novel, though this being D&D, naturally there's a bit more action and monsters involved.

Taylor Espy

The Red Menace
Sounds like I need to get back to running my Zeitgeist campaign. I'd like a chance to finish Act 3 before my party digs into the new book.


formerly roadtoad
This is very exciting! I’m currently running a Zeitgeist sequel campaign set 100 years after the Great Eclipse. I’m fascinated to see how much the canon world differs from ours!

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