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ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist on Roll20 progress


So I submitted adventure 6. It got approved, and I found a bug in Roll20's process that keeps part of the source content from making it into games created by the product. I therefore haven't activated it yet until I hear from Roll20 on what the cause is.

I'm sorry for the further delay. Watch this space for updates.

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Idk if it's only me, but it's showing an error page when i open the link.
Roll20 thought another thing was broken, and I don't think it was, so they deactivated the main one and created a copy(?).


I'm still not seeing the copy in the Roll20 Marketplace, so I think there is still a problem on the Roll20 side.


A bit late to the party, but what systems are supported for Roll20 Zeitgeist? I've been running it with Dungeon Fantasy but I might change if I can do it online.


@corwyn77 , the adventures for Roll20 are built for 5e DnD. That said, I know some people have purchased them for other systems as well. You'd have to redo the stat blocks, but the images, maps, adventure text, etc. would all still work, so it would still be a huge time saver. 4e and Pathfinder versions are available in pdf, which would make those systems easy to convert to, and a volunteer Pathfinder2 conversion seems to be in process.


Tonight, Freya joins the hunt
For me this is how my group goes as well.

For my campaign,
  • Module 1 ran for 5 sessions
  • Module 2 ran for 7 sessions
  • Module 3 ran for 8 sessions
  • Module 4 ran for 9 sessions
  • Module 5 ran for 11 sessions
  • Module 6 ran for 12 sessions
We're only 1 session in module 7.

Do you know if later modules are bigger or smaller in size? I'd assume that module 12 is twice as big so at least 20 sessions

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