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ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist on Roll20 progress


I am shooting for the first half of March, maybe earlier.
I'm currently running act 1 and it's going pretty well, since it's mostly investigation and the initial encounters are quite easy to translate to VTT, but I was hoping to get the roll20 adventure before the fight against Leone. Will an early march release still happen?

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How goes adventure 8? I'm wrapping up the convocation by early august, so I'm wondering If I should prepare some oneshots afterwards.


Update: If you are waiting on adventure 8, please come up with an alternative for a few weeks. I have landed on the other end of an international move, and the combination of trying to find stuff for my home office, getting furniture, and getting kids registered for school has been going way slower than I have wanted. I am still working on Diaspora (text is done, characters are done, about half the linking is done) but I'm not able to work at full speed yet. I'm targeting late August.

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