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As I've been gearing up to start a Zeitgeist campaign, I've been trying to collect suitable theme music for it, and I've been wondering if anyone else had favorites of their own. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I've found bombastic trailer music such as that found on Two Steps from Hell's Invincible album to get me in the mood for action sequences. But I was surprised to find that the original Gears of War soundtrack had dark orchestral qualities that I found to be very appropriate. What about the rest of you? What music do you think would make a good "Zeitgeist soundtrack?"

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Well, I write it to the Hans Zimmer Sherlock Holmes soundtrack, plus a bit of Koyaanisqatsi, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the TV show The Human Target. And some of the Riven and Myst III soundtracks, and a few other fantasy video games. And tons of other stuff.

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I've made quite a lot of use of Erdenstern's Into the Blue, Into the Green, Into the Gold, and Into the Red as well as the Chronicles of Adventure. The Titanic and Master and Commander sountracks are also pretty good (obviously the non-vocal tracks).


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Kodo, a tycho drum group from Japan, has some really powerfully stuff. Their soundtrack for The Hunted works well with gaming. I'd also add Mondo Head, which has musical elements from around the world- multilingual lyrics (non-English), polyrhythms...lots of fun. Their other stuff kicks ass, too.

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