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ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist Theme (feat) Music


While gearing up to start the Zeitgeist AP this weekend, a song came on Pandora that just screamed 'Vekeshi Mystic' at me. I had the thought that my players my enjoy a musical summary of the Pathfinder version theme feats.

Docker - Rake at the Gates of Hell / The Pogues
Escatologist - Numb / Portishead
Gunsmith - Banditos / The Refreshments
Martial Scientist - Enemy / Days of the New
Skyseer - Rhinestone Eyes / Gorillaz
Spirit Medium - Sleep / Poets of the Fall
Technologist - Rock Machine / Copyright
Vekeshi Mystic - Eyes of Fire / Blue Foundation
Yerasol Veteran - Damn It Feels Good to Be A Gangsta / Ghetto Boys... maybe should gonna with a Rick Roll here.

Anyone have some better recommendations or background/theme music to play during sessions?

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Musical tastes are so varied, and it fascinates me how people link their games to music they like. I'm playing in a Pathfinder Strange Aeons game right now, and when I talk about music that evokes the game, I think of orchestral or synth-y stuff from cerebral media like Inception or Legion, or else a few songs by Nine Inch Nails that have a maddening beat to them. But then my friends share the songs that remind them of their characters, and they feel very 'pop'-y to me.

Then again, my ear has a hard time picking out words in music, so I am drawn more to melody and mood over lyrics. I did two listens to the Eyes of Fire song you shared, and it was only on the second time that I registered the 'fire' part of it.

I hope your group digs the music. Me, I wrote the adventures with a lot of Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr. version) soundtrack score and the like, but also a fair bit of Muse which tends to have themes of revolution and resistance.


I also use themes for NPCs. For example, Gale has an orchestral string theme and Nervard had a particularly somber song. I would play these whenever the PCs interacted with the NPC. Now, the songs are nostalgic for myself and my players, as they now carry the weight of character arcs.


I don't use music very much, but I did use The Dream of Flight to start off the campaign. Seemed quite suitable for Zeit's industrial revolution setting, and for the opening scene of the flagship being launched.
We didn't use much music in the campaign, but I had several pieces in my mind when it came to the "opening theme" for each chapter or regarding key scenes or characters. Maybe someday I will take some time to list them all. Most of them are OST or orchestral with the occasional metal or anime cover song. And yes, "The Dream of Flight" is definitely among them (as well as a few other Christopher Tin pieces).

The RDJ Sherlock Holmes themes? Yep, add me in. You can absolutely feel the vibe of the movies in the campaign.

My first opening for Arc 1 would have been this mashup of a few How to train your Dragon pieces: Httyd Flying theme

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