Zombie Apocalypse - Finally Acknowledged by the US!

Jan van Leyden

A German new site has published an article desrcibing the document COMPLAN 8888. The purpose is to "...undertake military operations to preserve 'non-zombie' humans from the threat posed by a zombie hoard".

I wonder whether the US army will develop their own games or use existing ones for their training...

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Apparently a number of countries do have plans for such emergencies. The purpose is more a thought exercise to have plans for unexpected situations than protect against zombies specifically. I believe that there is a YouTube clip of the Canadian parliament making mention of such plans.

Having said that, would love to see/hear about a war games scenario where "zombie apocalypse" was played out.

Hand of Evil

I would think it would be more of a time table battle, could this be done in a given time frame. Stuff like, moving key people & families to safe areas, needing orders for use of napalm on cities, ID'ing infected from non-infected (splitting families) and what actions to take. Other stuff, where to build your safe zones and securing borders.

As a thought game, it can get complex.

Oddly enough, during the research phrase of writing World War Z Max Brooks did talk to folks form the DoD, and DHS along with other government folks and found out they honestly do give thought to the Zombie issue.

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