Heldul's Rest

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  • Heldul's Rest is a waystop situated on the northern flank of the Way of the Manticore. Spaces for wagons and grazing fields for pack animals are marked by waist-high barriers of stacked stone posts joined by long, narrow trunks of wood. Stone troughs flank the barriers. Water to fill the troughs is available from a nearby well.

    Welljacks hoist buckets of water out of a diamond-shaped gash in the ground surrounded by a short, similarly shaped wall of stone grown over in lichen and topped with clumps of moss. The children that mind the well charge one copper piece per bucket hoisted. Buyers lacking their own containers may pay an additional copper piece to keep a bucket overnight. Those who attempt to take water by force or that fail to return their buckets before departing are dealt with by the occupants of Stonewatch, a garrison keep manned by Purple Dragons and Wizards of War located a bow shot from the Rest.

    Travelers will encounter the Rest approximately halfway between Wheloon and Dreamer's Rock.