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  • Stonewatch is a garrison keep found on the Way of the Manticore. It is flanked on one side by Heldul's Rest (a waystop).

    Rides of Purple Dragons patrol east and west out of Stonewatch. The garrison commander, one Lhornan Drakehar, holds the rank of Ornrion and oversees both Purple Dragons, a rotating cadre of Wizards of War, and courtiers charged with record keeping, counting coins and other matters. Mundane issues of trade vis-à-vis Crown law can be resolved at Stonewatch. These include, but are not limited to, obtaining inspections and paying fees for same; reporting road accidents and any loss of goods; paying fines; reporting the loss of foil seals placed on previously inspected shipping containers holding weapons or other goods deemed dangerous by the Crown that were opened prematurely and obtaining replacements after being interviewed by War Wizards and the garrison commander or his designee.

    The activities undertaken by the garrison are not limited to the Way of the Manticore. Both Dragons and War Wizards deal with crimes that occur north and south of the Way among the countless farm cottages and handful of noble's estates (notably House Gyrlond and House Thawnfaer) within riding distance. Crown surveyors use Stonewatch as their base of operations when measuring parcels of land in the area (the chains they use to measure out "chainsquares" of land are kept locked away inside Stonewatch).