Lady of Graces

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  • Lady of Graces

    The Lady of Graces maintains palace protocol within The Palace Royal.

    The office of the Lady of Graces was established in the early 1400s. It is located at the western end of The Royal Court. The office is called the Font of Graces.

    Adjoining the office are the chambers of residence where the Lady of Graces lives. These are called the Rose Rooms.

    Office Holders
    ? - 1459
    • Gevandra "the Evening Rose" Mallowthar. First to hold the office. Her nickname is referenced in the name for her chambers of residence.

    1459 - 1472
    • Lady Brunzarra Hethcanter. Second to hold the office. Lady Hethcanter's planned retirement coincided with an illness.

    1472 - PRESENT
    • Jalessa Windstone
      • Of Jalessa it was said that, "Palace protocol was her charge and her only child." Third to hold the office.

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