Cormyrean Court Titles

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  • Cormyrean Court Titles

    This being a list of the many and varied positions within The Royal Court of Cormyr, The Palace Royal, and wider Cormyr.

    The contents of the list are drawn from various official sources.

    Court Titles
    Clerk of the Shield
    Clerk of Vigilance
    Court Alchemist
    Court Sage
    Court Wizard
    Crown Herald
    Dragonfang Lord Investigator
    First Trumpeter of the Gate
    Gardner Royal
    Gentleman Usher
    High Chatelaine
    Horse Marshal to the Crown of Cormyr
    Lady of Graces
    Lesser Understeward-of-Chambers
    Lord Warder
    Mage Royal
    Master of Revels
    Master Understeward-of-Chambers
    Royal Cook of the Low Kitchen
    Royal High Scribe of the Realm
    Palace Steward
    Royal Sage Most Learned
    Scepter of Justice
    Scribe Royal
    Steward of the Regalia
    Underclerk of Protocol