Forester of Cormyr

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    You earned a living among the trees of one of Cormyr’s three largest forests. You spent your days collecting seeds, harvesting plants and wood, breeding and tending forest animals, clearing overgrowth, repairing trails and bridges, reseeding Fire-damaged land, guiding travelers and hunting game. As an apprentice you were taught Cormyr’s laws against unlicensed woodcutting and hunting. You have come to thrive among the trees and you have learned to read the forest as easily as a sage reads a tome.

    Work with your DM to select the Cormyrean forest you worked in: the King’s Forest, the Hullack Forest or the Hermit’s Woods. This is your chosen forest.

    Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival
    Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism Kit
    Equipment: A hunting trap, a shovel, a small handaxe, a spare pair of boots, a set of traveler’s clothes, a rainproof cloak, a pouch containing 10 gp

    Feature: Woodwise
    When you are in forest terrain you can find food and fresh water for yourself and up to five other people each day. Additionally, you know the names and locations of at least four of the following within your chosen forest: dangerous ruins; beast lairs; hauntings; entrances to the Underdark.

    Suggested Characteristics
    Cormyrean foresters straddle two worlds: Cormyr’s forests and the civilization that depends on the woodlands for the raw materials necessary to make goods for daily living and trade. Foresters are most often commoners that keep homes in (or near) settlements within the forest or on the forest’s edge, and return home often to tend their families and visit friends. Life among the trees grants them an appreciation for living things and lessons that can only be taught through experience.

    Personality Trait
    1. If I encounter something dangerous in the forest then I want to know more about it.
    2. I can go for days without talking.
    3. I prefer sleeping in a tree to sleeping under one.
    4. Bathing in the rain is just as good as bathing in a river.
    5. If you do wrong by the forest then I will find a way to even the balance.
    6. I’m first to volunteer if someone needs a forest guide.

    1. Aid. Foundlings and injured travelers must be protected and escorted through the trees to safety if possible. (Good)
    2. Balance. The dangers of the woodland must be preserved; I will not kill forest denizens indiscriminately. (Neutral)
    3. Growth. Cormyr’s forests have become too small, so it is sometimes wise to allow monstrous attacks on its borders to drive off settlers and loggers. (Evil)
    4. Merciless. The forest writes its own rules. Those who fall prey to its dangers are no longer worthy to walk under the boughs. (Chaotic)
    5. Order. I have no patience for anyone who fails to follow Cormyr’s woodlands laws. (Lawful)

    1. I repair forest trails and paths whenever I can. I alert townsfolk and travelers of significant dangers looming nearby.
    2. The forest is my first and best teacher. I am loyal to it before anything else.
    3. It is my duty to pass on all that I know of the woodlands to the next generation of foresters to walk among the trees.
    4. I will not rest until I have walked the length and breadth of the King’s Forest, the Hullack Forest and the Hermit’s Wood.
    5. Cormyr’s many enemies hide and plot within the forest. I set traps for and lead dangerous forest creatures to the hidden camps of mercenaries, rebellious Cormyrean nobles, cultists, Zhentarim agents, Sembian spies, rogue Shadovar and worse.
    6. I owe my life to a ranger. If ever they should call on me for aid I will drop everything to attend them in their time of need.

    1. I keep my word no matter the personal cost.
    2. I have trouble balancing my duty to the forest and to my allies.
    3. I fear uncontrolled fires and will run from them if given the chance.
    4. I mock anyone who takes their knowledge of the forest from books or from sages that live in far away cities.
    5. I slay invasive creatures, knock down buildings and drive out interlopers to keep the forest pure.
    6. I will climb the deepest forest ravines, climb up the tallest trees, make a meal of rotting meat and poisonous insects, roar in the face of angry bears, and spite cantankerous fey to prove I am the equal of any forest danger.