Dung and Bone Wagoneer

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    Of all the jobs a Cormyrean may perform, yours was the dirtiest and the smelliest. By night you guided a mule-drawn cart loaded with empty chamber pots to the back alley exits of businesses and residences. You exchanged your wares for identical pots filled to the brim with dung, spoiled food and refuse. What could be salvaged from the refuse you sold off to local merchants or traded for food and other necessities. The rest you hauled away and dumped on a family-owned plot of land a few miles downwind from the settlement where you made your living.

    Skill Proficiencies: Animal Handling, Insight
    Tool Proficiencies: Tinker’s tools, vehicles (land)
    Equipment: A set of tinker’s tools, a mule and cart, a set of much-patched commoners clothes, and a pouch containing 5 gp

    Feature: Exfiltrate
    While operating a cart or wagon filled with dung and refuse, you can smuggle creatures or objects out of a settlement of any size. You may hide up to two creatures of medium size in a cart, or up to five creatures of medium size in a wagon. Your DM will determine the amount of objects you may hide.

    Suggested Characteristics
    Dung-carters are a necessary feature of civilization throughout the Realms--even in settlements with sewer systems.They have cast iron stomachs and are unperturbed by the sight and smell of gore, bloated corpses, fly-covered dung and spoiled food. Their ideals, bonds and personalities are shaped by years of living and working in the dark of night, and from seeing the pain and sadness of other beings encountered by night. Their inverted way of life often contributes to their flaws.

    Personality Trait
    1. The dirtier the job is the more eager I am to do it.
    2. I never let allies throw things away without seeing what can be salvaged from them first.
    3. I like to make friends with people who prefer not to get their hands dirty.
    4. It’s not that I refuse to part with my money, it’s that I usually don’t have any to begin with.
    5. I spend my free time making something of value out of someone else’s trash.
    6. I prefer bartering one object for another to paying coins for what I want.

    1. Community. If I am waived down by the master of an inn or tavern, I will deliver a drunkard customer home safely and for no fee. (Lawful)
    2. Silence. I ask no questions of customers who happen to “accidentally” include a severed hand or head, item of value, or any sort of unusual object among the refuse and dung I collect from them. (Neutral)
    3. Hidden. I know half a dozen good hiding places and I won’t hesitate to help someone if they are afraid for their life. (Good)
    4. Kindness. When local eateries and taverns throw out the good stuff (food scraps and half-consumed bottles of wine), I save the best for beggars and the hungry. (Good)
    5. Devotion. Regular customers in desperate need of something after the shops have closed for the night need only ask. I will find and deliver all they require. (Lawful)
    6. Muckwork. If I must walk knee deep through an alley filled to the walls with dung in order to retrieve a corpse, I’ll do it without hesitation. (Chaotic)

    1. The head of a Cormyrean noble house has always been kind to my family. I never charge a fee to covertly deliver messages from this person to recipients elsewhere in the settlement.
    2. The love of my life is highborn. I yearn for the fame and renown necessary to secure their hand in marriage.
    3. I have traveled miles beyond counting in my cart. It can never be replaced, only repaired.
    4. A ruthless Sembian merchant framed me for their crimes. I escaped, barely. I will have my revenge and clear my name.
    5. Nothing is more important than the other members of my family.
    6. I must sustain the relationships between my family and the settlement folk we do business with or my family won’t survive.

    1. I have no patience for anyone of high station that looks down on me and my allies. I will repay mockery with insults and respond to threats with drawn steel.
    2. Social gatherings terrify me. I refuse to dance, make small talk or mingle.
    3. If I think something is wedged into something else, stuck underneath something else or hidden inside something else, I won’t stop prying and carving until I find it.
    4. If I see another dung-carter working my family’s territory, there’s sure to be a brawl.
    5. I have betrayed the trust of a customer only one time. No one must ever learn why.
    6. Someday I will rule over everyone I once served. That day cannot come soon enough.