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  • Though the Highknights of Cormyr are legendary, when compared to the long history of the Forest Kingdom they are a recent addition; the title of highknight was created by Queen Filfaeril and the Mage Royal, Vangerdahast, during the reign of Azoun IV.

    Though the title suggests gallant warriors in full armor, many highknights operate in disguise. They are found both in and out of Cormyr depending on the nature of their given task.

    The following roster is drawn from various official sources of Realmslore.

    Roster of Highknights
    Sir Athlar
    Sir Baerengard
    Sir Belsarth Hawkblade
    Sir Danthalus
    Sir Eskrel Starbridge
    Sir Eldur Hawkmantle
    Sir Ilvellund Nordroun
    Sir Glarasteer Rhauligan
    Sir Jusprar
    Sir Merlar
    Sir Morlen Askalan
    Sir Narulph
    Sir Rondrand
    Sir Rorsorn
    Sir Talonar Winter
    Lady Targrael