Heroes of Myth and Legend

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   Class Guides
      Forgotten Realms
            Cormyrean Court Titles
            Cormyrean First Names
            Cormyrean Surnames
            Fifth Edition Rules For Cormyr
                  Dung and Bone Wagoneer
                  Forester of Cormyr
            Places Not On The Map
               Heldul's Rest
            The Nobility of Cormyr
            The Palace Royal
            The Purple Dragons
            The Royal Court
               Dollhouses For The Well To Do
               Questionable Royal Decrees
               The Poison Garden Of A Gardner Royal
               The Sad Queens
               Winterbourne Streams
            War Wizards
               Roster of War Wizards
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  • A wiki page for allowing the presentation of HOML material and its discussion

    Heroes of Myth & Legend -hereafter referred to as HoML- is a fantasy role-playing game of legendary heroes and mythical monsters. The players will take on the roles of heroic adventurers, player characters, while the Game Master (GM) will act as their guide through the worlds of myth and legend, playing the roles the non-player characters (NPCs). As the PCs move through the world of HoML the GM will present them with information and challenging situations. These situations may be of any possible type, foul monsters to slay, mysteries to solve, wars to fight, etc. The rules of HoML are used as a set of guidelines to help the GM and players determine what the abilities of their characters are and how the actions of the PCs and NPCs, and the effects of the environment affect the PCs and their story.

    HoML is designed to allow the players to participate directly in the development of the story. While the GM is tasked with presentation and has primary responsibility for the coherency of the fiction, the players are empowered to introduce some elements focused on their characters, and this game includes mechanics which help to adjudicate this process, as well as guidelines for their use. The goal of the game is to have fun and see what happens when the PCs come into conflict with the forces of fate, the gods, monsters, and the people around them.

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