Royal High Scribe of the Realm

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  • Royal High Scribe of the Realm

    The Royal High Scribe of the Realm is responsible for coordinating all written records.

    They ensure every government document is complete, is readable, and accessible. They track the whereabouts of all government documents in circulation.

    Dark documents and Privy documents are excluded from this scribe's area of responsibility.

    Office Holders

    ? - 1479 - ?
    • Aldegrand Tallfyre
      • A man of few words. Devoid of humor. Savors formality. Conscientiousness to a fault in his duties. It's rumored Tallfyre doesn't eat, and instead draws nourishment from doing what is good, what is proper, and what is correct. A long-serving, trusted Court official--so much so that the Wizards of War ignore Tallfyre. Only a treason accusation by a member of the royal family or a Highknight would be enough to draw their attention to him. A decades-long effort by the Xraunrans has resulted in their total control over him. The beholders use this power to deflect attention away from their activities.

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