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    [4e] Fallen OOC (Full)

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    [OOC] Fallen


    hafrogman as... Atrius (Bard)
    Walking Dad as... Caged Fury (Monk)
    Kobold Stew as... Pirx (Ranger)
    eblue562 as... Rodeh (Warden)


    Sparky as... The Friendly GM

    Fallen is a homebrewed 4E D&D campaign set in the remote past of the Points of Light setting. Arcosia and Bal Turat (Arkhosia and Bael Turath) are locked in a bitter war. Nerath's star is on the rise. The Eledin are well and truly splintered, the Eladrin retreating into the Feywild and the Elves remain behind to safeguard their places of power. The Dwarves revolt against the oppression of their Giant masters and those who escape are finding their mountainhomes taken over by interlopers and beasts. Halflings are spiritually and culturally adrift, nomadic gypsies who wander the face of the world in search of their Promised Land and new Gods to shepherd their race.

    IC Posting Rules

    Pretty standard stuff, some guidelines to keep the IC thread tidy and readable.

    Speech - In quotes. Not a huge deal if you leave them off, but it makes a better contrast with thoughts.

    Thoughts - In italics. If you choose to write your character's thoughts, they should be in italics.

    Languages and OOC - Different colors per language. Both the color name and coordinate are listed (some are not default colors and will not have coordinates).
    Abyssal [DarkRed, B1] - Demons, gnolls, sahaugin
    Deep Speech [Indigo, A7] - Mindflayers, githyanki, kuo-toas
    Draconic [Cyan, D5] - Dragons, dragonborn, kobolds
    Dwarven [Sienna, A2] - Dwarves, azer
    Elven [Green, B4] - Elves, eladrin, formorians
    Giant [Olive, B3] - Giants, orcs, ogres
    Goblin[YellowGreen, C3] - Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears
    Nethyr(Common) [Gray, C8] - Humans, halflings, tieflings
    Primordial [DarkSlateGray, A8] - Efreets, archons, elementals
    Supernal [Teal, B5] - Angels, devils, gods
    Arcane [RoyalBlue, C6] - Spells for Warlocks, Wizards, Sorcerers
    Divine [Gold] - Prayers for Clerics, Paladins, Invokers, Avengers
    OOC Text[Font Size 1, DimGray, B8] - Rolls, actions, tactics,
    questions, light table talk
    Rolls - Make your rolls on Invisible Castle and post them in the OOC section of your IC post, as appropriate.


    Stan staggers over to the door of his cell a blade concealed along the meaty part of his forearm. He is dead drunk, at least, he wants the guard on duty to think so. "Oi!" he hollers, slumping against the bars. He drowses a bit, on the verge of passing out before shaking himself awake. "Oi!" he hollers again, this time raking his tin mug across the bars of the cell. "Guard!"

    "Shaddup, ya halfpint halfwit," growls Murray from across the aisle. Murray shifts on his bunk drawing up the thin covers to better hide his nervous face. Gods, I hope this works...

    (OOC: Stan uses Bluff against the Guard (assisted by Murray) pretending to be drunk. Stan also uses Thievery to conceal a dagger. Rolls)
    renau1g as... Kadaj (Rogue)
    Phaezen as... Followingdarkness (Assassin)
    Shayuri as... The Scholar (Wizard)... dropped during the Crucible
    Insight as... Q'ynn (Invoker)... dropped due to time constraints
    CaBaNa as... Run'n'hide (Coward)... passed on subbing in for Insight/Qynn due to time constraints

    IC - Prologue: The Crucible
    IC - Chapter I: Blood and Sand
    Rogue's Gallery

    Invisible Castle
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