D&D 4th Edition [Adventure] Rhapsody Part 2 (Judge: renau1g) - Page 21

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    "The necromancer is sustaining the zombies by his presence. If we push them away from him, that should sever their tie."

    OOC: Well, I would prefer to go two squares south with the teleport, on top of crates is fine. I would prefer to be close enough to Cairn for his protector ability, but I don't know the range on that.
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    Two squares if you're thinking on my punishment or replacement. 5 squares if you need only pulling away

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    OOC: Wow, lots of stuff to read!

    Are you all okay down there? shouts Baern, looking down from the catwalk. He hears Nyar's comment about the undead and looks at the adjacent Gnoll.

    Free: Chainmail of Dwarven Vigor - Second Wind to heal 15+2d6hp and gain +3 to all defenses
    Standard: Lashing Leaves against Undead Gnoll
    No Action: Did either hit? If so takedown strike for 4 more damage and he is knocked prone
    Can I move through the square with the Gnoll? Can I shift through it?
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    OOC: Both of Baern's attacks hit and the Undead Gnoll is bloodied, but Baern cannot move through the Gnoll's square. Note: I won't be able to post the next round until Sunday.
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    Baern continues to lay the punishment on the Gnoll, hacking to clear a path in front of him. The close quarters keep the dwarf from connecting with most of his strikes though.

    Minor: Off Hand Strike MISS
    AP: Twin Strike HIT and MISS, deals 1d12+7 damage due to lashing leaves (19 total)
    I rolled two 2's as well, Neurotic
    Get Battle Awareness ready for Gnoll's turn (if he uses howl on others) F***! Three 2's


    Triggers:Battle Awareness (adjacent enemy shifts or makes an attack that doesn't include Baern), Unbalancing Parry (enemy misses Baern with melee attack)
    Status: Hunter's Quarry on Undead Gnoll, All defenses +3 TENT, Gnoll takes extra 4 damage from all attacks TENT
    Init: +3 Speed: 5 Perception:23 Insight: 16
    AC: 21 NAD:19/15/17
    HP: 48/62 Surges: 5/8 Surge Value: 14 AP: 0
    Languages: Common, Dwarven
    Str:19 Dex:10 Wis:16 Con:15 Int:10 Cha:10

    At-Will: Hunter's Quarry, Throw and Stab, Twin Strike
    Encounter: Disrupting Strike, Off-Hand Strike,Second Wind, Unbalancing Parry, Battle Awareness, Serpentine Dodge, Lashing Leaves
    Daily: Chainmail of Dwarven Vigor, Jaws of the Wolf, Opportunistic Waraxe, Snarling Wolf Stance

    Full Character Sheet
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    If undead won't fall until you disable the necromancer, maybe you should focus on the caster, @johnmeier1

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    I can try a ranged attack next turn, since I had a minor action left Baern will stow one Waraxe. Otherwise I _can't_ get to the caster. Melee Ranger here.

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    As she falls, Narvala lashes out futilely with her staff at the zombie that left itself open. But when the cold fully envelopes her, she falls, unmoving.

    Cairn moves on ignoring downed zombie to hurry to priestess' aid.
    "Christina, have Pooh destroy the lying one, I have to go."

    He rushes in toward the zombies attacking the casters. Attacking first in a rush, he brings Ghalad'Zhar around to slam into the zombie. The earth rumbles, thunder of the impact sending the zombie between the crates, giving some room to the mage. Earth buckles between Cairn and the other zombie is pushed further away, suffering minor beating in the process.

    The area around Cairn frosts over, making for treacherous terrain even for cold based zombies while insulating Cairn from their cold.

    "I spent countless winters in mountain storms! There is nothing you can do to prevail! Nobody touches lady mage! Your life is forfeit, caster. Nyar, revive Narvala! Also, this is liquid fire, use it if you don't have appropriate gear."

    Bwa ha ha ha. I am a master necromancer. My allies do not fall right away. the Leader laughs.

    Pooh, you take care of this dead thing while I'll take care of those dead things! Pooh obliges by trying to rip the zombie's face off.

    Christina runs over to where the rest of the party is. Hey get up, no time to sleep! We have dead things running around! she says, rousing Narvala.

    As Pooh rushes next to the downed zombie, the bitter cold starts freezing his body.

    "Well, thank the Seven he's a master necromancer. Those amateur ones can be so annoying," the wizard quips.

    Nyar flicks his wand and the flaming sphere wisks up to be just next to necromancer. He then points his wand and a explosion of noxious fumes boils over and covers the catwalk behind Baern. Nyar hears a satisfying cough echoing from the necromancer within the cloud.

    (likely) The move elicits an attack and the zombie swings at the mage, but Nyar's magic bracers flash and he appears 10 feet from the zombie and safely out of reach. For now.

    "The necromancer is sustaining the zombies by his presence. If we push them away from him, that should sever their tie."

    Are you all okay down there? shouts Baern, looking down from the catwalk. He hears Nyar's comment about the undead and looks at the adjacent Gnoll.

    Baern continues to lay the punishment on the Gnoll, hacking to clear a path in front of him. The close quarters keep the dwarf from connecting with most of his strikes though.

    Baern's attacks are devastating. The Gnoll should be dead, but it is lying on the ground look up at Baern, eyes still open.

    The humans make good use of their slings. One moves above Christina and hits her in the shoulder, one kills Pooh, and one hits Baern in the chest.

    The zombies, however, have a harder time of it. The one moves back up to Cairn, but its slow movement combined with the ice that Cairn creates prevent it from attacking. The second one wrenches itself from the ground where Cairn had buried it earlier, leaving bits of zombie flesh behind. The third one attacks Nyar, but his bracers flash and he teleports away. The final one comes around the crates and moves up to Christina. Again, the slow moving zombie does not get to attack quite yet. The zombie attacking Nyar falls over dead. The zombie which Nyar put into the Stinking Cloud does not appear affected.

    The Undead Gnoll stands up and talks for the first time "Stupid Dwarf. It matters not if you kill me. I will be brought back again and again.". It then screams at the PCs below. The Gnoll then falls over dead.

    The Leader shouts to the humans. "You fools. Attack the spell caster in the back. He will kill you if you don't kill him first." He then moves away from the team. Only Baern is close enough to hear where he moves.


    Note: Remember concealment as the warehouse is dark. If a foe is not in one of the yellow squares and you do not have low light vision, the foe gets +2 to defenses. This applies to all humans and PCs that do not have low light or darkvision. Most of the monsters (except the humans) have better vision. I am not going to retcon any of the PC attacks that should have missed, but please remember it. I am taking care of concealment (and any cover) for the human NPCs.

    Note: Neurotic, no I won't be posting monster defenses as discovered. It took over 3 hours last Sunday to put together the post and the same today to do so (for such a large fight), so it's just too much extra effort. If you'd like to keep track of it for the group, please do so. I understand the fact that it sometimes allows players to know if they hit right away, but it's hard enough to find the time to just get the necessities written up.

    Note: Narvala and Cairn are in the same L7 square. Narvala can shift into any adjacent non-crate square if she stands up.

    Note: Please do not forget your stat blocks for those people doing so.

    Note: If you cannot see the maps well, you can look at an earlier map to see where the crates are and what color they are.

    Note: PCs except for Baern are still down below the catwalk. If your PC is shown as on top of the catwalk on the map, s/he is really below the catwalk until you get up there.

    Cairn misses Zombie 3. Cairn hits Zombie 1 and Zombie 3 for 10, killing Zombie 3.

    Nyar is hit for 9 cold damage and is slowed (save ends). Although Zombie 3 is below zero hit points, it is not dead (yet).

    18 hits for 9 cold damage.

    Zombie 2 aura does 5 cold damage to Pooh.

    Pooh misses.

    Nyar hits the Leader and Zombie for 13.

    Baern hits the Undead Gnoll for 23 and 19 and bloodies it.

    Baern hits the Undead Gnoll for 19 and kills it, but it is not quite dead yet.

    Human 1 hits Christina for 7.

    16 hits for 7.

    Human 2 hits Pooh for 11 and kills Pooh.

    12 hits for 11.

    Human 4 hits Baern for 9.

    19 hits for 9.

    The zombies do not get in any successful attacks. Zombie 4 moves out and everyone sees that the Stinking Could did not affect it.

    Note: I used Nyar's bracers instead of Cairn's power for 3 reasons: FourMonos declared first, the bracers prevent the attack completely, and if the two PCs switch positions, Nyar is back in an aura again. I also moved Nyar to J3 since N3 would have allowed for the attack to still occur and it seemed reasonable to move him out of blast range (N4/N5).

    Undead Gnoll recharges healing shriek.

    5 recharges.

    Undead Gnoll misses Rabberta, Narvala, and Christina, but hits Cairn for 11. Zombie 1 heals for 5.

    Vs. Fort 6 misses Rabberta, 18 hits Cairn for 11, 7 misses Narvala, 9 misses Christina.

    Flaming Sphere does 8 fire damage. Stinking Cloud does 16 poison damage.

    8 and 16.

    Leader Stealth roll.


    The Leader is somewhere to the east of Baern, but only Baern knows that. The others are too far away with too many crates in the way (i.e. penalties to their perceptions).

    9/41 Nyar, bloodied
    64/84 Cairn, resist cold 5 and 2 squares around Cairn are difficult terrain for the enemies
    29/45 Christina
    -5/22 Pooh, gone
    12/12 Rabberta
    Human 1, concealment against all but Baern (on catwalk up 4)
    Human 2, concealment against all but Baern (on catwalk up 4)
    12 Human 4, concealment against all but Baern (on catwalk up 4)
    5 Zombie 1 (aura 1), concealment against all but Baern
    37 Zombie 2 (aura 1), bloodied
    69 Zombie 3, dead
    Zombie 4 (aura 1), concealment against all but Baern
    82 Undead Gnoll, dead (on catwalk up 4)
    44 Leader, total concealment against all
    17/50 Narvala, 5 ongoing cold damage, bloodied, prone
    39/62 Baern, +2 defenses TSNT Baern

    Flaming Sphere (3 squares up), red square
    Stinking Cloud (2 squares up), green square
    Light zones, yellow squares

    Special note: if a PC enters a Zombie Aura, s/he will take damage as if starting in the aura (5 in one aura, 10 in two auras, etc.).

    Narvala and Christina take 5 cold damage in the aura at the start of their turns and Narvala takes 5 ongoing cold damage.

    It's the PC's turn.

    Ceiling: The ceiling is 35 feet overhead.

    Catwalks: These metallic walkways, standing 20 feet above the floor, aid in the movement and placement of crates. A sequence of chains and pulleys runs across the underside of the catwalks. This enables a character to climb, hand-over-hand, along the underside of these catwalks with a DC 20 Acrobatics or Athletics check, at normal climbing speed. Except where the ladders stand, the catwalk has a railing all the way around. Anyone wishing to deliberately climb or leap over the railing must spend an extra square of movement to do so, and any push, pull, or slide effect that would drag a creature over that railing must also spend an extra square to do so.

    Crates: Each individual crate is roughly 5 feet (1 square) high, but they are often stacked two or three crates (that is, 10 or 15 feet, or 2 or 3 squares) in height, as marked on the map. Stepping up on a single crate requires an extra square of movement, while moving down a single crate does not cost any additional movement. Climbing two or three crates requires a DC 18 Athletics check. So, climbing from a height of zero to one crate to two crates to three crates is two squares for the first, two for the second and two for the third without a check. But climbing straight up two crates is an Athletics check.

    Ladders: The ladders are all 20 feet (4 squares) in height, but count as 8 squares of movement. A DC 12 Acrobatics or Athletics check allows a character to climb them at the normal 4 squares of movement if the player declares as part of the comment on Invisible Castle that s/he is doing a fast climb.

    Stairs: The stairs to the south count as difficult terrain.

    The yellow crates are one square high.
    The red crates are two squares high.
    The green crates are three squares high.

    The only light coming in is from the shuttered windows on the outer perimeter of the catwalk (i.e. the edge of the map all of the way around) and the door you guys just opened. So, the lighting on the outer edge of the map (one square's worth) is normal and the light from the door 20 feet into the room is normal. The rest of the room is dim light except for Nyar's Light spell.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    The first sign of a broken rule is when someone suggests that the way to stop it is by readying an action.

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    Narvala rolls back, drinks a healing potion, and stands up, leaning on her staff. She activates a sunrod, then drops it on the floor. And then speaks a word of power, blasting the undead creatures near her. "I do not think it is time for me to join with the Flame just yet." She said.
    minor: drink potion of healing
    move: stand up in M6
    standard: draw a sunrod, activate it
    free: drop sunrod, providing light in a 20 square radius
    action point: rebuke undead vs Z1, Z4 (H1 is in area of effect, but unless he's undead and it doesn't show, he's not a valid target) atk Z1 vs WILL; atk Z4 vs WILL; dmg (1d20+12=31, 1d20+12=29, 2d10+7=22) both of those should HIT for 22 radiant damage, DAZES them until end of next turn, and Narvala can push them two squares. However, unless Z1 is on top of a crate, I can't see where she could push that zombie, and pushing Z4 would push it into the concealment around Z2, so Narvala's not going to push them (unless this is an incorrect assumption on my part) Z1 will be pushed to I6 and Z4 to N12.
    free action: activate Holy Gauntlets to add another 1d6 radiant damage holy gauntlets damage (1d6=5); all successful attacks with the radiant keyword that Narvala makes until the end of the encounter will do 2 additional radiant damage (since we pased a milestone today).
    free action: Covenant of preservation - Narvala can slide an ally 1 square whenver she uses a divine daily or encounter attack power. I don't think Cristina wants to be in melee, so I'll move her to M8

    save vs ongoing damage (1d20=19) SUCCEEDS


    Narvala—Female Human Invoker 7 (Ordained Priest)
    Initiative: +3, Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 27
    AC: 19, Fort: 17, Reflex: 20, Will: 22; (ranged attacks from >5 sq take a -1 penalty; temporary +1 to all defenses from Vanguard's Armor not included) — Speed: 6
    HP: 17/50, Bloodied: 25, Surge: 12, Surges left: 2/6;
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: Not Used
    Powers -
    Sun Strike
    Hand of Radiance
    Vanguard's Lightning
    Shinning Symbol
    Forceful Denunciation
    Chains of Carceri
    Tide of the First Storm
    Purging Flame
    Wall of Light
    Grasping Chains of the Justicar
    Astral Step
    Rebuke Undead
    Preserver's Rebuke
    Potion of Healing
    Holy Gauntlets

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    @KarinsDad, Cairn has resist 5 psychic due to Nightmare ward armor (just in case that scream was psychic...I'll put the stats with the combat post tomorrow at some time. Good night.

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