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    [LPF] The Cave of (Un)Death

    Another fine Living Pathfinder Game. If your not in the LPF you should really look to joining.

    Game INFO:
    DM: HolyMan
    Judge: unknown
    Starting Date: July 25, 2012
    Ending Date: November 16 2012
    Game Days: 116


    Damaris Beiryn played by @soulnova

    Vax played by @Chronikoce

    Cavernous Hode played by @Systole

    Aedger Beinn played by @vmaaxt

    Encounter Tracking

    kobold zombies CR 1 (400xp)
    severed heads CR 1 (405xp)
    skeletons CR 1 (405xp)
    zombie wolves CR 2 (600xp)
    armored ogre skeleton CR 2 (600xp)
    Zarrin CR 4 (1,200xp)

    Total XP: 3,610
    Total per Character: 902xp

    Rewards Tracking

    Time Based XP:
    812 TXP = Vax, Aedger, and Damaris

    1,276 TXP = Cavernous Hode

    Time Based GP:
    696 TGP = Vax, Aedger, and Damaris

    1,276 TGP = Cavernous Hode

    Adventure Treasure:
    Total Encounter GP: 4,500gp
    Each Players take: 1,125gp

    Items for "purchase"

    LG half plate armor 600gp
    LG morningstar 8gp

    potion of disguise self, 50gp
    potion of expeditious retreat, 50gp
    potion of protection from arrows, 300gp
    potion of resist energy; 300gp
    alchemy lab, portable 75gp
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